Quirk information

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Your quirk is flame dragon and you can transform into a half-dragon so half of your body will be a dragon and the other half with be your normal body.

You can blow out fire and can eat fire for energy or food but you can't eat your own fire.

You have a great sense of smell and also you can hear everything miles away.

You can also eat other sorts of power but your body will ache also ur stomach too and u will start to feel sick and you would have to stay in bed for at least half a day.

As you use too much of your quirk then your vision will start to get blurry and you would feel really dizzy

(If you ever watched Fairytail then you will know where I'm coming from, so whatever Natsu can do you can do it too and if I haven't written anything that you think I have missed above then comment it down below and I can see what I can do. Also, I will be changing a few things like motion sickness and some other stuff so that the story can be a bit more interesting)

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