Lost in Life

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My love, I miss you so

Now I don’t know where to go

I sit here and just cry

Believe me it’s no lie

I’m talking in circles, hearing in squares

Don’t know how I’m supposed to share

I’m so lonely stuck in my chair

I don’t think life is fair

Lost in life is where I am

Most of the time I don’t give a damn

Up in the clouds my head usually stays

Not in a good way I must say

I don’t know why I’m here

All I do is cry about the love I miss so dear

Sometimes I feel that no one cares

I feel they’re love nobody shares

Without you, life means nothing now

Like a lush green pasture without a cow

All I do is hurt from morn till night

I live but I never get it right

Of this life I had enough

Maybe the next one won’t be so tough

This life no longer has love that’s sent

Sometimes it feels like

I’m just waiting for the end

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