At Ace.

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Your mom places a plate of eggs and bacon in front of you, your mouth waters from the aroma. You quickly scoff your food, eager to get ready to go to Ace Comic Con and finally meet Tom Holland. Y/BF/N perches on the edge of the dining table, sipping on a hot chocolate your mom prepared for them.

" Thanks Mrs Y/L/N," your friend chirps, as your mom walks past with an empty plate. Your mom gives them a smile, dropping the plate into the sink.

" Dude, hurry up. We need to get there early or we'll wait forever in the line, " your friend begs.

Rolling your eyes, you shove a forkful of eggs in your mouth, " I'm going as fast as I can," you mumble. You've only dreamed of this day since you saw Spiderman Homecoming, unable to keep your eyes off Toms gorgeous face. You've wondered what Tom is like as a person, is he nice? Is he funny? Will he remember you after you meet him? You've scoured the internet, watching interviews of him on Youtube to see what he's like. In those interviews he seems funny and friendly, every time he laughs with his co stars your stomach flips at his gorgeous smile. You devoured Spiderman Far from Home, eager to see Tom on screen again. He's so talented, the best spider man in your opinion.

Finishing the last of your breakfast, you get up and go to the sink kissing your mom on the cheek, " Thanks for breakfast, mom," you drop your plate into the soapy suds, the corner of her mouth lifting into a smile as she washes the dishes.

" You're welcome Y/N, how long till you and Y/BF/N will be ready? We need to leave soon to beat the traffic."

" Um, soon," you glance at your best friend, who's eyes narrow at you to hurry up. A flush of embarrassment creeps up your neck as you hurry to the bathroom to take a shower. You step under the warm spray, trying to hurry as you wash your hair. Once you're finished you towel off, drying your hair. You go to your room, shooing your best friend off your bed, who's playing on their phone.

You put on an outfit that you bought the weekend before, it flatters you, accentuating your best features. You turn in the mirror, admiring how you look. Smiling at your reflection, you realise that you're ready to meet Tom Holland, now.

The drive doesn't take long to get to the convention centre, but when you reach there the cars slow to a crawl, traffic builds as you enter the gigantic carpark, horns honk in the distance. Your heart races, excitement builds in your chest, butterflies flutter in your belly. It won't be long now till you meet him. Hordes of people, swarm to the convention centre. Many dressed in lavish cosplay, your gaze snags on someone dressed as Thor, a spiderman cuts across your vision making you think of Tom.

Your mom drops you off out the front, and you and your best friend exit the car.

" Text me when you guys are finished," your mom says. You nod, waving as she drives away.

A crisp wind blows, caressing your hair, shivering you cross your arms tighter against your body.

" Ah! I can't believe we're here!" Your best friend squeals.

" I know, I hope he's nice."

" Pfft of course Tom's going to be nice," Y/BF/N scoffs. Your best friend links their arm with yours and you head into the centre, your eyes going over the large glass and steel structure. People jostle on either side of you as you both head in.


You and your friend, sit through the Tom Holland panel. Your seats are at the back of the room, sadly you don't get a good look at him, only able to see him on the large screen the convention centre provided. Every time he says a joke or laughs, your stomach flips at his gorgeous mannerisms, your palms sweatier by the moment at the knowledge that you're going to meet him soon.

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