Chapter one

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The next day after school, Lorenzo walk to his house only to find a girl in a blue flannel, jeans, a black hat, and sneakers sitting on the concrete outside of his house.

"Hey." The girl greets Lorenzo. He mutters a greeting before walking to his home. Someone actually lives there. "Hey! Excuse me. I'm Mara."


"I'm Carlos' daughter, your dad's friend."

"No hablo ingles." Lorenzo explains.
("I don't speak English.")

"I forgot! This gonna be difficult. Soy hija de carlos. El amigo de tu papa...?" She says with an unsure tone.
("I am daughter of Carlos. Your dad's friend.")

"¿Qué pasa? ¿Cómo estás?" He comes over and they shakes hands.
("What's up? How are you?")
"¿Quieres entrar?"
("Do you want to come in?")

"Yes please!" She exclaims. The girl picks up her duffel bags and follows Lorenzo into the house. Mara places her luggage by the door and they sit in Lorenzo's room.

"¿Puedes entenderme? ¿Qué te estoy diciendo?"
("Can you understand me? What I'm saying to you?")

Mara nods. Then, she pulls out her phone, types something on it, and presses play.
"No puedo hablar español Solo puedo entenderlo." The robotic voice says.
("I can't speak Spanish. I can only understand it.")

Lorenzo nods, understandably. He can't understand her as well. As if on cue, they hear the front door unlock and open. They rest of the family is here. The pair walk out the room.

"Hola. Mara, mira lo grande que eres!" Lorenzo's mother greets her.
("Hello. Mara, look how big you are!")
"¿Cómo estás? ¡Bienvenido!"
("How are you? Welcome!")

"Ella se parece a su padre, ¿verdad?" Lorenzo's father asks.
("She looks just like her dad, right?")

"Tal como él. Idéntico." She responds.
("Just like him. Identical.")
"¿Cuándo llegaste aquí?"
("When did you get here?")

"Dos hours ago." Mara says.
("Two hours ago.")

"No te estábamos esperando. Es una verdadera sorpresa."
("We weren't expecting you. It's a real surprise.")

While Lorenzo's mother shows Mara where she will be sleeping, Lorenzo's father and Lorenzo have a talk.

"Sería mejor si no la dejaran sola." His father says.
("I'd be best if she wasn't left alone.")
"Y ... que no está sola en la casa."
("And...that she's not alone in the house.")
"Que te mantengas alerta."
("That you stay alert.")
"Pero sé sutil, ¿sabes? No queremos que se sienta vigilada, pero..."
("But be subtle, you know? We don't want her to fell watched, but...")

"Pero debería vigilarla. ¿Es asi?" Lorenzo asks.
("But I should watch her. Is that it?")

"No. No dije que debías vigilarla."
("No. I didn't say you should watch her.")
"Bueno, si un poco. Lo normal."
("Well, yeah, a little. The usual.")

After the talk, Lorenzo's father drove Mara up to her possibly new job, a wrestling match with Lucas in the backyard, and dinner.

In the middle of the night, Mara puts on a coat before tiptoeing through the house. Lorenzo's was wide awake reading a book. His focus shifts to the hallway when he hears footsteps. He walks to the kitchen to find Mara zipping up her jacket. Lorenzo opens the refrigerator door. Mara looks up in shock. She thought she would be caught leaving, but it was just Lorenzo.

"¿Vas a salir?" Lorenzo asks.
("Are you going out?")

"Salir a caminar. Do you wanna come?" Mara asks, jutting her head to the door.
("Going for a walk.")

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