Chapter 6- Fever of Succession

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It's been five months since Michan's succession. In between those five months Tsubasa became Mariko Shinoda the 7th. After an understudy performance Furea collapsed. "Furea!" Michan and Mariko screamed. "I'm fine." Furea lied. She tried to get up. She was too weak. Mariko touched her forehead. "She's burning up. Hurry up and get me some ice cold water." Mariko instructed. "Sure Mariko-sama!" Michan winked. Mariko smiled. She helped Furea get up and layed her down to chairs. Michan came back with cold water with a small towel in it. "Thank you." Mariko said. She took the towel and wipped the sweat of Furea's face.

A few hours passed and now Furea was laying in her bed with a thermometer sticking out from her mouth. No matter how hot it was she felt cold. Furea slept in bed the whole week. She was too weak to even get up. It was because of her cancer. A very cold or fever could leave Furea in the hospital. It wasn't so easy for her. Waking up every morning seeing that her friends had their days packed and that they couldn't spend a single minute with her. It wasn't easy to lye down in bed all day not being able to talk or even breathe sometimes. Furea woke up that morning. She saw Mariko and Michan as happy as they can be. They saw her and they had worried looks on their faces. "Go..od" Furea managed to say. "Good morning Furea-chi!" Michan exclaimed. "You okay?" Mariko smiled. Furea tried to nodd. "If you need anything press this red button." Mariko said handing her a device. "Amazing!" Michan exclaimed. "It's my new creation for Furea." Mariko smiled. Furea managed to smile. "Sorry, Furea we have to go." Mariko said. Furea looked let down. "" Furea said. Michan and Mariko left the room. She was all alone. Just like the old days.She wished for something to save her. She wished Daichi would come and spend some time with her. She wished her dad could make her his famous soup. She wished that her mom will take care of her like she used to. It was no use. No one was there. There was a hole in Furea's heart. She began to cry softly and silently so no one heard her. She was all alone.

Mariko's face turned sad. "You alright?" Michan asked. "Yeah. I really want Furea to feel better." Mariko smiled. "Yeah. It's really bad for people like her to have a fever right?" Michan said. Mariko nodded. They got off the bus and went to the dance studio. "Good morning everyone." Sashiko greeted. "Good Morning Sashiko-san." Mariko and Michan said at the same time."Just call me Sashiko. How's Hoshina?" Sashiko said. Their faces looked down. Mariko opened her mouth to speak. "Don't say anything, I heard the voice of your faces." Sashiko said. They looked down. "Everyone! Everyone! Smile! Today we'll all visit Hoshina. She was my first fan anyways." Sashiko smiled. "Furea-chi?" Michan said confused. "Yes. Furea-chan was my first fan. She sent me fan letters while I was an understudy, in the handshake event she came and asked me lots of questions. She admitted that she really loved me. I was touched by that girl. To see her grown up and here with me, it's a real blessing. I will not forget my first concert. I saw her in the front watching me with her eyes sparkling. She was a nice little girl. I wouldn'tve come this far without Furea-chan."  Sashiko smiled. Mariko and Michan smiled. "She inspired lots of people right." Michan smiled. "Yeah." Mariko smiled. "Well then let's work hard." Sashiko smiled. "Yeah." all the successors said. They began to practice. Michan and Mariko in the front, shining and dancing. Sashiko smiled. Furea changed the lives of many. She saved Mariko and Michan, now it was time for them to be with her no matter what. Practice was over."Michan, let's do our daily jobs. Let's hurry and visit Furea." Mariko said. "Yeah. Let's go!" Michan exclaimed. They both smiled. Mariko and Michan went their seperate ways. Mariko did a commercial, tv news anchoring, and a dance show. Michan went to a photo shoot, she met her fans, and then she played a girl in a movie. Mariko and Michan

rusjed out of their jobs. It was already dark! They both ran and soon met up. "What do we do!?! The bus isn't here!" Michan exclaimed. "I really feel bad. Furea was always there for us, but right now we can't be there for her." Mariko said sadly. "It's so frustrating." Michan said. They waited for the bus for over an hour. Finally the bus came! Mariko and Michan rushed into the bus. They sat down. "I hope Furea's doing okay." Mariko smiled. Michan nodded. They got off the bus and rushed inside the building. They ran to Furea. She was knocked out cold. She wasn't breathing. "Her heart.... It isn't beating." Mariko said. Michan's eyes filled with tears. "No way. She can't die now." Michan said. "Don't say that! She isn't going to die!" Mariko exclaimed. Her heart hurt. She was crying. "Hurry! We need to take care of her. This could..... this could be the end of her life." Mariko said wiping her tears. Mariko performed a saving life type of session. She touched Furea's  heart and counted. Michan waited with tears coming nonstop. Mariko's face turned into worry. "It's true, she's dead.".Mariko said. Michan's eyes were opened wide. They cried. One tear fell on Furea's heart. She blinked her eyes open. "Furea!" Mariko exclaimed. "We were so worried.!" Mariko said hugging her tightly. "" Furea said. "Furea, tommorow is our fay off so we'll spend some time together, okay?" Mariko smiled. Furea smiled. It hurt to smile though. Her throat began to act up. Furea touched her throat wincing in pain. "Furea, you okay?" Michan asked worried. "" she managed to say. "Hurry, get water and her medecine." Mariko rushed. Michan went on the spot. Mariko was pleading. She wanted Furea to get throught the pain. She wanted Furea to be the happy Furea she always was. The shy and cute one too. She couldn't help but cry. Michan came back with everything. Mariko took her medicine and put it in her mouth. She helped Furea up. Furea fell into a deep, deep sleep. Michan and Mariko were relieved. She came back. She survived. They fell asleep with her.

Kaori looked at the succession kirara. Furea's picture appeared. "The next generation. A very dangerous one. This girl..... She has something to do with it. The way her kirara outshines everyone. Who will she become?"

To Be Continued.....................

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