First day

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Dee pov

It was the first day of school and I was so lost. I didn't get a chance to tour the school cause of my trip. The college campus was so big and I didn't know where to go.

"Hey quick question do you know where south building G room 0301B is located?" I asked the first person I saw.

"Shiit I don't even know and that's the class I'm posed to be at. We in the same situation" he said and I groaned

"Oh my God! My first day is not going as planned"

"Tuh tell me about it. This my fist time seeing this damn campus" he said

"Yo me too!" I laughed

"Aye yo you know where building G at!" He said grabbing the attention of a security guard and he pointed towards a building and we made our way.

"Damn we bout to be late and it's only the first day" he said opening the door for me.

"Thank you and I know right it's already a bad first impression" I said

"No problem and yea it is. So the room is 0301 so it's prolly on this floor or the 3rd floor" he said

"Excuse me do you know where room 0301 is located?" I asked some older lady who was most likely a teacher.

"Yes ma'am it's on the 3rd floor" I said and I made my way towards the elevator.

"Hell nah the elevator gon take too long let's take the stairs" he said

"I'm not tryna walk in the classroom out of breath boy that's embarrassing" I said and he laughed

"Shiit at least the teacher gon know you made some type of effort" he laughed

"Too late" I said hopping in the elevator and he shook his head before walking in.

"Whew good work out" I said hopping out

"You a whole fool" he smiled shaking his head at me.

"What's yo name?" He questioned

"Jaidee but everybody calls me Dee. What about you?" I said

"I'ma call you Jaidee cause I ain't everybody but my name Jonte" he said

"Hmm no nick name?" I questioned and he's shook his head no.

When we entered the classroom everybody eyes landed on us and it made my hands start to sweat. I took a seat in the back and Jonte followed me sitting right next to me. There was so many students and the classroom was so big so I made a mental note in my head to come to my classes earlier so that I can get the front row seat.

"What class you got next?" Jonte said and I pulled out the schedule I printed out. We both went over our schedule and it turns out that we had all our classes together so I'd be seeing more of him. It was good to have a buddy so that way I won't be alone.

"Yo before you go can I get ya number?" He questioned and we swapped numbers.

"Enjoy the rest of ya day Dee I'll see you soon" he said as we separated going our separate directions.
"Biiiiiiiiiittttttccchhhh this fist day kicked my fucking ass" I said walking into the room

"Girllll tell me about it I was late to every single class and I had to sit at the back I couldn't hear shit I couldn't see shit and I was so fucking aggravated cause there was this one dumb bitch sitting next to me that asked a million and one questions I was really bout to spazz the fuck out" she said and I laughed at her extraness

" I need a nap cause today was a long ass day but I made a friend" I smiled

"Who? Cause I'll fight her if she get too close" she said getting up acting like she was fighting somebody.

"It's a boy and his name it Jonte we literally have every class together. It's actually a group of us who have the same classes together because of the business program but I met him before class and we instantly clicked" I said and she raised an eyebrow

"All I'ma say is be careful" she said and I rolled my eyes.

"Girl it's not even like that we just friends that's it and that is all and that's all it's gonna be" I said and she nodded her head.

"Chill I'm just saying" she said

"Just saying what? I literally just met this dude and if cheating is the thing that's crossing yo mind then you obviously don't know me" I said

"I know that Dee . I know how much you love Roddy all I'm saying is you need to watch who you call friend cause he might not think of you as a friend you know?" She said

"Yeah I know what you getting at but I will let it be known that we are strictly friends and that I have a man" I told her. She ain't even have to say all that cause I ain't no dumb bitch.

"Period!" She laughed "I'm hungry as fuck tho you tryna get that free free" she said referring to the food that was in the cafeteria

"Yeah I can eat" I said and with that we made our way to the cafeteria

"Waspopin shorty how was your first day? Roddy said as soon as I answered his FaceTime call

"Not as planned I'm just glad it's done" I said biting into my cheese pizza.

"Damn what happened?" He said looking into the camera.

" I was late to most of my classes cause this campus is so fucking big and it was embarrassing cause as soon as I stepped in I felt like everybody eyes was on me" I said and he laughed

"You'll do better tomorrow so don't stress. You need to find yo classes for tomorrow today so that you don't use all up time looking for the class"

"I know I know. I'ma do that right after I finish eating"

"Yea do that but tomorrow I wanna take you out to lunch" he said and I smiled

"Awww like a date"

"Yes ma'am" he said and I continued to blush. It really didn't take much to make me happy.

"Yay so what time you coming? And where we going?" I questioned

"Around this time good for you?" He asked and I nodded

"Where we going tho?" I asked

"Don't worry about all that shorty. Just be ready alright?"


"Good but I gotta go tho I gotta handle some business I'll prolly call you later on tonight"

"What business you got to handle?" I questioned and he smacked his teeth

"Dee I gotta go alright I love you" he said and I rolled my eyes cause he always say he got business to handle and never tell me what he's actually doing.

"Love you bye" I said

"Maan say that shit the correct way Dee" he said getting irritated

"I love you" I said and he smiled

"There you go. I love you too bye" he said hanging up the phone call.

"Aww y'all so cute" Nomi said laughing

"Shut up" I laughed eating the rest of my pizza.

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