Chapter 129

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Distance is an odd thing. Is it a tangible and measurable element, able to divide the most passionate of lovers, and able to be conquered by eternal and unconditional love.

Distance is a barrier, but is also a natural catalyst for emotions. When people say distance makes the heart grow fonder, they weren’t lying. There were truth behind the claim. And right now, Zayn was experiencing both sides of distance at the same time.

The handsome King sat on the floor, his back was against the locked door that jointed his and Evelyn’s rooms. Half a dozen emptied bottles of liquor lay at his side, and he drowned himself with what was left in the last bottle. He knew Evelyn was laying in her bed, no more than a couple dozens of feet away from him. The distance that separated the two was nothing. The door was nothing something that could prevent Zayn from getting what he wanted.

Yet, to Zayn, that door and those few meters of space that secluded he from she, had never felt more powerful or greater.

The strong taste of alcohol burned his throat. It also caused his consciousness to deliquescent, melting away under the heat of the alcohol that occupied his body. It eased his pain and helped sooth his demons. His senses were numbed; hence, he could no longer hear the taunting whispers of the Darkness that had constantly haunted him for the past three days.

Despite his lack of control when influenced by alcohol, Zayn’s intoxicated state could also be the only thing protecting Evelyn in that moment. However, with his own demonic desires lurking at the back of his mind, a drunken Zayn was as dangerous as he was safe.

Zayn pressed his red and puffy face against the cool and smooth wooden door that divided Zayn and Evelyn.

He could hear Darkness’s faint voice, screaming from the back of his mind to take down and door and fulfil his darkest fantasies, but Zayn refused. He didn’t know how or why, but his self-control had finally—after all this time—proved its existence. Maybe seeing Evelyn in a state of despondency had acted as a splash of cold water and awakened the fractions of Zayn that was willing to put other people’s emotions and needs into consideration. 

Three days, it had been three says since Zayn had proposed to Evelyn, and three days since he last heard Evelyn utter a word.

Three days.

Those three days felt like three millenniums. Nothing, nothing he had ever experienced, nothing Evelyn had ever said or done to him compared to that haunting, emptiness in her eyes when he spoke to her. She refused to react to his every word and every touch. It was as if her consciousness had left her, and she was nothing but an empty shell, incapable of feelings.

Nothing Zayn had ever experienced came close to the torment of watching the girl who held his heart, so broken and fragile. The fact Zayn knew it was his entire fault, made the situation a million times worse.

“I’m sorry Evie,” he muttered under his breath. His eyes were red, and his cheeks were flushed under the influence of the bottles after bottles of concentrated alcohol he had consumed.

After three days, he knew he could no longer bare his own guilty conscience. Evelyn’s spirit was demolished because of Zayn. If he had refused to play Ethan’s little game, then things wouldn’t be the way they were now. If he hadn’t been so arrogant and eager to boast to Ethan and Harry, and wanted to see their faces wither in pain, like his heart had been doing since the moment he discovered Evelyn’s heart belonged to another man. If Zayn didn’t desperately wanted to prove to himself and them that he was indeed the one in control… then things wouldn’t be the way they were now.

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