When Hell Knocks on Your Door

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Chapter 2: When Hell Knocks on Your Door

They sat under the shade of an apple tree in Idris. They munched on apples that they had picked together. With Jace's hand in Clary's she could think of nothing more perfect. The breeze blew light and soft and the rushing of a river near by could be heard. Jace leaned forward and kissed her. The kiss was perfect like all of them had been but something changed.

Something didn't feel right. Clary jerked back to see that it was now not Jace who she was kissing but Sebastian. He donned an evil smile before he leaned forward and whispered, "I told you that you would always belong to me."

Clary jerked awake and immediately realized that Jace was no longer beside her. She sat up and heard the shower running. She pulled her hair up with a band that had been on her wrist. At that Jace came out of the bathroom. Steam flowed out the door in curls and he rubbed at his hair with a hair towel. He wore only a pair of dark jeans. She got up and hugged him. He smelled like himself: like cracked pepper and sunshine, that is if sunshine had a smell, come to think of it maybe sunshine smelled like Jace. Clary laugh to herself at think that sunshine smelled like him rather than him smelling like sunshine.

They separated and Jace grabbed a white T-shirt from his wardrobe.

"I guess we should go get some breakfast," he said slipping his hand into hers and they walked out into the hallway.

'I wonder what what we are going to do stuck inside all day, because I don't think Maryse will let us out again' Clary thought as they walked.

"Well we could start planning the wedding," said Jace aloud.


"You asked what we could do since Maryse will most likely make more of an effort to keep us inside and I said that we could plan a little of our wedding or train that is an option to."

"No, no, no," Clary said waving her free hand, "I know what you said but I didn't say that, I thought it."

Clary looked down at her right hand interlocked with his left and the love rune on either side.

'Telepathy' she thought at Jace.

'Yeah but don't be creeping around in my head. There are some scary places in there even I don't go' Jace thought back jokingly.

'It's okay. I'll leave that to the Silent Brothers' she thought as they entered the kitchen.

Maryrse was sitting on the coach talking to Jocelyn about her upcoming wedding, ironically enough. Robert Lightwood was talking to Luke about the what they had found in the library the previous day. There was a box of cinnamon rolls on the counter. Jace grabbed a plate and snatched up 3 of the 5 rolls left. As he reached for another, Clary slapped his hand.

"Don't be such a pig!" she said taking the last two for herself.

"You too! By the Angel! First the inquisitor calls me fat and now you! Do I look like I have gained weight?!" Jace said exasperated, as he turned so that she could see him from the side. Clary looked at his flat, smooth, toned muscles and laughed.

"Quit yelling your royal fatness. You'll wake everyone up," said Clary as she poured two glasses of milk.

"Well you are soon to be royal fatness so you better get used to it," Jace said taking one of the glasses of milk.

Clary laughed and sat down next to Jace at the counter. When she was done eating, Clary got up to throw her dish in the sink and slipped. The plate shattered and her hands pressed into the shards but her body did not because Jace had caught her. He helped her up but her hands seared with pain from the cuts on her palms. Jace looked over to the parents who were all staring at them.

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