Chapter Seventeen

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I heard voices as I neared the room I remembered we had eaten in the day before. They quieted as they heard me coming. Rounding the corner, I found myself face to face with Kade and his father, King Kagorth.

I came to a skidding stop as I looked between the two men whose faces were still tense from the conversation they must have been having before I interrupted.

"Oh, I'm sorry for intruding." I said. Despite my apology, my tone came out sounding anything but sorry and I cringed inwardly at myself.

The King raised an eyebrow at me and gave Kade a knowing look. Kade's lip twitched up in to a smirk as he looked heatedly upon my neck. The mere contact from his eyes was sending me into a heated spiral. If I didn't stop myself soon I was sure to be a panting mess. My cheeks flared as I finally managed to break eye contact and look at the King instead of Kade's moltent gaze. I cleared my throat, hoping the King hadn't noticed the past few seconds between myself and his son.

"I'm glad that I ran in to you here. I wanted to speak with you in regards to the program and its future." I willed my voice to come out strong and unwavering, and I felt like I had pretty much achieved it as my back straightened, ready for an argument.

The King looked taken aback by my forwardness for a moment before he recovered. "Of course, Emily. I would be surprised if you didn't want to discuss it further given everything that has happened so far. I'd love to show you the progress we have already made since you arrived."

I nodded, trying not to let the shock that I was currently feeling show on my face. I didn't agree with his methods, but a King that was willing to listen to what I had to say regarding the fate of his people was something I hadn't been anticipating.

"Thank you, Sir." I responded, now shy as the fight slowly drained out of me. Kade was looking at me with an expression that I swore could have been pride.

Kagorth nodded. "Unfortunately my dear, right now we have a more pressing issue at hand." The King looked to his son, expecting him to fill me in on what was going on.

Kade sighed. "I don't want to worry you, but someone has infiltrated our ship. There have been several reports of an unknown male lurking through our halls. However... since those reports came in early this morning, we have not been able to locate him. He seems to be lying low. We don't know what his motive is at this time."

My eyes were wide as I stared at him. "Do you think he's dangerous? What do you think he wants? Are you going to lock down the facility?"

Kade shook his head in response. "As of right now we don't want him to know that we know that he's somewhere in our ship. We have our warriors actively searching for him but until we find him we can't take him in to questioning. Right now, we're to pretend it's business as usual. My father thinks that you and I returning to our people above as a marked couple will cause a disturbance among our kind, and possibly draw the intruder out so that we can apprehend him."

I blew out a long sigh, suddenly stressed that it could possibly be one of the horrible men that had tortured me in the Department of Defense.

Kade's eyes darkened to a murderous black. "No one will harm you." He all but growled out, somehow knowing what was going through my mind as soon as I had thought it.

I gave him a tight nod, knowing I wouldn't be able to trust my voice not to wobble like a true baby. Those men had seriously messed me up.

"I am going to head up to the surface now. You two eat your breakfast and enjoy one another in private for a few more minutes. I'll see you both up top in twenty and we will announce your marking to our people. What a joyous occasion!" His voice was elated as he took in the tattoos that adorned our necks and announced our partnership to the world. As the King disappeared with the blink of an eye, I pursed my lips at the nerves that shot through me like a stampede of stallions.

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