Chapter Ten

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Updates will become a little less frequent.  My grandmother's health has taken a turn for the worse in the past few weeks and I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the hospital.  And I kinda got to do a certain number of hours on the work that keeps my lights on.

Bear with me, because I do plan on continuing. Life just wants to mess with me for a while.

Niko hadn't known what to expect when she came out—hell, he hadn't even been sure she would come out. Not willingly, at least.

He'd heard the conversation with Meridia and damn his hide, he'd known he was crossing a line by not tuning out what was meant to be private

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He'd heard the conversation with Meridia and damn his hide, he'd known he was crossing a line by not tuning out what was meant to be private. But he'd found himself starved for the sound of her voice.

Clenching a hand into a fist when he heard the door open, he turned, braced to see that haunted, wounded look, braced to see her huddled in on herself yet again.

Zennia Day stood there wearing a dress of a soft, spring-like green over a white top and tights. Boots went up to just below her knees and they were the same shade of brown as the jacket she wore. A long chain hung around her neck, a pendant the shape of a willow tree dangling from it to rest between full, sweet breasts.

She'd scraped her long, wavy hair of rich, deep brown back into a ponytail. The thick streak of rich ebony was was even more obvious with her hair in such a severe style, her heart-shaped face unframed.

Her mouth was naked and unsmiling.

Freckles dotted her nose and cheeks, just as they had ten years ago.

And eyes like pale green ice stared into his.


She folded her arms across her chest.

Damn him to hell for noticing, but the position plumped up breasts so ripe and lush, his hands itched to stroke, cup, mold...mark.

Unwittingly, his eyes went to her left shoulder and he remembered that first night—the only night when he'd allowed himself to touch her as he'd wanted. Not in every way, not even close. But he'd given into the hunger in some ways, stroking her, touching her...bringing her to a climax that had left her loose and limp, even as he'd ached to take fully, completely, claim her in every way. 

He'd marked her. The bite had started to heal by the time they fell asleep and he had clear thoughts of how he'd considered about biting her again, just hard enough so the bite would still be there that night, when he took her to his father, then before the pack.

He'd even teased her about it and she'd blushed, pushed him away. It's only left such a mark on me. We should have a matching set.

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