Twenty Eight

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I couldn't keep a count on how many times Ace had pulled out his gun and pointed at random people whose intention was only to help. Ina nearly fainted when he threatened to pull the trigger where his finger was on and Leo had to console her. I glared at Ace when he did that, and he mumbled a sort of apology.

Cindy started to patch up my wrist with a small smile of amusement on her face while she gave me a look. I tried hard on not to smile at the way Ace acted. He looked so cute to put it mildly. Cindy's assistant, a tiny woman who seemed to be in her late thirties worked on my forehead.

'I think this needs stitches' the woman mused.

Wrong words woman.

I thought just as Ace pulled out his gun again and pointed at the nurse.

'Stitches will hurt. The wound needs to be gone without them' his tone came out scary and the nurse turned green while looking at the gun pointed to her nose.

'Ace' I warned and he reluctantly pulled his gun back.

'Cover it with bandage, so that it won't leave a scar. The wound isn't deep. Its the wrist I'm worried about' Cindy clicked her tongue as she continued examining my wrist. 'We need to take an X ray' she declared and ordered for the machine to be brought up near the bed where I lay in infirmary.

A new piece of information which I learned while I was here was, Cindy was going to be the estate doctor. Meaning she will be patching up all the wounds inflicted on Ace's men in any illegal fights without having to answer the police. And surprisingly I took the news well because my mood was good since I learned that Ace wasn't shot. 

And getting back to the topic, I turned to look at Ina who at the same time turned to look at me.

Understanding the expression on my face, she tried hiding behind Leo who had his eyes on the machine being brought towards the bed by four guards.

'The stunt you pulled wasn't funny' I said with my eyes narrowed to slits.

I nearly had a heart stroke when I heard that Ace was hurt. She wasn't allowed to scare me like that.

'You were being too stubborn. We had to act on it' she said with a small pout.

All the while Ace stayed silent with a small frown on his face, not understanding on what we were talking about.

'We?' I asked turning to look at Cindy who shook her head saying that she wasn't involved in anything Ina planned.

I turned to look at Imran who too shook his had vigorously. 'I swear to god I had no share in this' he said.

It couldn't have been Leo, as he was too shocked when he saw me walking into the mansion.

'It was about time I stepped in before my cousin decided to bunk down in the basement' I heard a thick accented voice.

I was stunned to silence for a moment but recovered quickly to turn and glare at the man responsible for the fiasco. 

All the time I thought he was on my side, but he was with his cousin. He was highly observing and he knew what could make me rush all the way to Ace. I appreciated the gesture, but I wasn't a fan of being given a seizure with a fake news of a possible death of someone I loved.

Ivan walked into the room with his usual stoic face, but his eyes held a slight amount of triumph looking at me, in Ace's arms while the doctors worked on me.

'Ass' I mouthed and he just shrugged and turned to look at Ace.

'You're welcome by the way' he said.

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