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"I'm really tired of this shit." I huffed as I collapsed onto my own bed. "And he didn't call or anything?"

"Nope. I didn't get a Thanks for bringing his ass back to the hotel or anything. He's so hot and cold it's agitating."

"Shaking my Damn head," Kayla said. "Maybe he was embarrassed." Jace theorized.

Kayla scoffed and her eyes at that as she flopped down next to me. "Yeah Right."

"I don't know, man. Whatever the case may be I have to at least make sure he's okay."

"You didn't talk to him at all since yesterday night?"

"Nope, not even a demanding text to make sure his dry cleaning gets picked up." I shrugged. "Just wait till you see him on Monday," Kayla advised.

"In the meantime can we talk about how he literally dropped a million dollars?" Jace said.

"He spent about $1,000,476 that night alone."

"Damn! I wanna be that rich." Kayla huffed. "Same. He dropped that money like it was nothing."

"He comes from a rich family and with his company he brought his net worth to about $700 million on his own," I explained. "I know your check is nice," Kayla said.

"My check was nice but I got a raise, so it's spectacular now. I might not even continue looking for a new job in my field." I joked. "Whatever happened to Javier offering you a job?"

"I told him I'd apply but after the breakup, I decided against it. I don't need to be working with my ex again after what happened last time."

Before anyone could say anything else my phone rung. "Who is it?" Jace asked as I grabbed the phone. "Uh-it's Javier."

"Speak of the goddamn devil," Kayla said whilst shaking her head. "Answer it! Your life is my only source of drama and reality entertainment." Jace laughed.

I rolled my eyes and laughed as I slid my thumb across the screen to answer it. "Hey, Javier."

"Put it on speaker," Kayla whispered. I obliged and the three of us sat there listening to Javier talk.

"Hey, I didn't think you'd still have my number let alone answer." He chuckled. I missed hearing his laugh. "What's up?" I looked over at Jace and he was mocking Javier. I did my best to hold in my laughter and waited to hear what Javier wanted.

"Um, I wanted to know if you Uh-wanted to um get lunch or coffee or something maybe. You know as-as friends. Well as two people trying to be friends. Or uh maybe I'm just trying to be friends—um I...Let me just start over um so lunch?" He took a deep and hopeful breath and I giggled at his rambling. I then looked at my two best friends.

"Say no." Kayla mouthed. Jace just motioned to the schedule sitting on my nightstand.

"Javi, I'll have to get back to you on that. My schedule is kinda crazy these days." I said. Kayla and Jace both gave thumbs up and I rolled my eyes. "Um, I-Alright. Cool. Just text me when your schedule allows it. I'm always available to you."

"Alright. Will do."

"Great! Adiós, I lo—Look forward to seeing you soon." He said awkwardly. After hanging up I gave my attention to my friends.

"Girl why didn't you just say no?" Kayla asked. "You know why...and I wasn't lying just then. I'm actually going to call when I have a chance to have lunch." I had informed both of them of what I'd Told Javier when we broke up. I planned on sticking to my words. Maybe friendship is what was always meant for us.


"Y'all wanna get some wings or what though?" Jace asked. "Yeah. Order 60 extra, well, well, well done."


Later that day when Jace and Kayla went home, I sat in my living room with a face mask on and a wine glass filled with water. I planned on catching up on some of my shows before bed tonight. Just as I went to get comfortable on the couch I heard the doorbell ring.

I groaned loudly wishing I had someone to open the door for me. "Who the hell is it!?" I yelled as I approached the door. "Sebastian."

My eyes widened a bit after hearing his voice. I was in no way presentable. But I can't get myself together and leave him standing outside of my door. You know what, he showed up at my door at 9 pm without warning, so he's just gonna have to see me in a face mask and PJs.

"What are you doing here?" I asked when I opened the door.

"The hell is that on your face?" He asked as he pushed his way inside without even answering my question. "A face mask dipstick. If you would've called before you came maybe I would look a little more presentable."

"Eh, I like this look for you. Very runway ready." He said sarcastically. I can't stand this man. "This is a nice set up you got here." He commented as he sat down on my couch in the spot I had previously been in. "Thanks...why are you here?" I asked.

"Well. I left the hotel a little abruptly and I never got to say thank you, so thank you."

"You could've said that over the phone." I deadpanned. I was highly annoyed about how he just came in like he owned the place. "I know. But I was hoping you would be up for a little Netflix and chill."

I damn near choked off the air at that. "Relax. Chill as in actually chill."

"Don't you have anything better to do?" I asked. "No actually. Can you get me a mask to match yours as well?" He asked as he casually headed towards my kitchen.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "I should be getting paid for this," I grumbled.

About thirty minutes later Sebastian and I were sitting on separate ends of the couch watching Aladdin. Surprisingly he'd never seen it. He made a Disney plus account just to watch it. Gratefully, he wasn't that bad company. Even though he was demanding and walking around like it was his apartment, he was really cool. It was different from the intense, hyper, rude, and angry version I was used to seeing from him.

Right now he was in an extremely relaxed state. He was sitting there with a face mask on and his hair up in a bun with a headband on. He looked ridiculous but let him tell it he was 'Sasha Fierce'.

"I thought she'd comb her hair with a fork in this film." He frowned. "No that's Ariel from The Little Mermaid."

"Can we watch that next?" I never thought I'd see him look so adorably overjoyed about something like that. "Yeah, if you want to."

He smiled showing his dimples and turned back to the tv. It's nice seeing his playful side, but I knew he'd be a completely different person on Monday at work.

After watching two movies I had done my full nighttime skincare routine and I was in some sweatpants that Javier had left here and a random T-shirt. At this point, I didn't care if Sebastian saw me in such attire. He was still lounging on my couch with a neck pillow on. "Do you have any crisps?"

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