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That chapter title ees eentresting.

Dear Keefe,

The nightmares are back and I don't know what to do. I can't sleep- don't WANT to sleep because I'm so scared they're gonna come back.

I can't do this. I can't do this without you.

You were the only way I could sleep, you know? Without sedatives.

Remember that night at the Healing Center? The night a week or so before you were taken?

Sophie and I were both there with you, but she'd fallen asleep and the two of us were talking about crappy lives and parents.

And then we fell asleep.

That was when the nightmares first came. I ended up wailing like a baby in my sleep and waking up both you and Sophie.

This part is actually a bit fuzzy- I'm only writing it down to try my best to pin down some sort of coherent order of events.

I think what happened next was that she enhanced you...? Something like that. You did the blue breeze thingy on me. That calmed me down more than any shadow-puppet-therapy-session ever did. It was like I could finally see clearly.

(The ironic thing was that it was pitch dark and I literally couldn't see a thing. But I get creative justice as the writer of this letter. Bear with it.)

So...that happened, and I was dead embarrassed about it. Especially about the fact that it was you who calmed me down.

I mean- you're not usually the calm one. That's normally...well, it's not YOU. Which made even more mortifying.

And then, I think Sophie was still worried. Like, she asked if I needed to talk to Linh or something like that. I remember wanting to avoid a mega-Healing-Center-sleepover at all costs.

Also, Linh's had enough on her plate lately, especially with  Glimmer's disappearance.

Oh, wait- I didn't tell you about how she vanished, did I?

I'll do it in the next letter; it's late now and Linh's nagging me to go back to bed, even though we both know I won't be able to sleep again.


Tammy Boy

guess who's updating after literally forever...


also this is short and crappy auGH I'M SORRY

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