I sigh as Claire dragged me into another shop. Her python like grip never ceasing.

"C'mon, babe. I want to get the perfect ring" she begins to look at the overly expensive rings.

I hide my small frown, annoyed with the fact that I caved into Claire's proposal of marriage. But her money is all I'm interested in.

She was almost twice my age and a widow. I knew she would try to convince me into marrying her, and she did. But I only agreed because of one thing.

The money.

At twenty five years old, I have nothing going for me. All I have is my looks and my charm.

I would say I'm a pretty funny guy too, but most people don't find my jokes funny. I don't know why.

The snapping fingers in front of my face brought me back to reality, seeing Claire was not amused by me not paying attention to her constant nagging.

"Sorry, what was you saying, love?" I give her a dimpled smile, making her melt.

She huffed, "just that there's someone I want you to meet tonight" she says as she continues looking through the aisles.

My eyebrows furrow together, "and who would that be?" I ask, slightly confused.

"My daughter, Amelia" she smiled. "You have a daughter?" I asked, shock from the new information.

Claire laughed, "of course, you haven't met her yet because she's at summer camp" she explained.

"So how old is she?" I continued to question the subject, hoping not to get an annoying, over energetic eight year old.

"Fifteen, sixteen this late September" she said as she began paying for my new clothes she picked out.

"She's coming home in couple hours, so we have to go home soon" she continued.

When we arrived home Claire began to cook dinner, I went to the living room to watch whatever crap was on.

I started to think about soon being married to Claire, sure I'd be set for life but did I really want to marry her? No. Maybe I'll just disappear one morning.

After awhile I heard the sound of the front door opening and closing. Small footsteps walked towards the kitchen, hearing muffled voices begin to speak.

I switched the tv off and began walking to the kitchen, finding Claire clinging to a small frame. She released the small girl and smiled up at me.

"Amelia, this is Harry. Harry, this is Amelia" the small girl turned to face me and smiled too.

My breath caught in my throat, dazed by the young beauty in front of me.

"Hello Amelia, it's nice to finally meet you" I smiled brightly, "it's nice to meet you too, Harry" her voice was soft and innocent.

And the way my name rolled of her tongue so deliciously, I struggled to contain myself. Feeling flustered, I excused myself to the bathroom.

But not before eyeing the girl's young body, my greedy eyes going unnoticed.

I locked the door to the bathroom and splashed some cold water onto my heated face and neck.

Confused by the sudden stirring of emotions caused by this young girl.

I think I just found a reason to stick around a little longer.


I know it's short, but I thought it needed an update. So here you go, my lovelies :*

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