40. Innocently Naughty

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Sun isn't constant, neither is Moon,

Either its a bane or it is a boon.

Neither it always rains nor remains dry,

Neither you always stay still nor always try.

Neither one can be always sweet nor always sour,

One moment you're innocent and naughty the another hour.

-- Pjcutee

It was such a blessing for Shivaay to see this side of his ever so soft hearted, sweet, innocent Anika. This Anika was so different that he couldn't help feeling scared thinking whether his innocent Bella was kidnapped and this naughty girl was her lookalike.

Two hours had passed since Anika had stopped talking to him but he felt like years have passed with her being silent and not talking to him. But in this silence also, she was behaving like she owned him. He wasn't complaining, in case anyone is mistaken.

Then, her silence is his punishment and he deserves to be punished for ignoring her request or to be precise, for not listening to her carefully. Had he not been drowned in his self pity and crying like a fool, Anika would be his friend by now. He would still not be satisfied with being only her 'friend' was another matter.

The news for now was the pitiable situation Khanna ji found himself in. His position had stooped from being the security head of Oberois to being a modern age Postman, conveying messages to and from Shivaay and Anika and vice versa.

"Khanna, dare you enter this ward with this news once again. Send her back to her house, NOW !" Shivaay said as calmly as he could but shouted at his last word. Four words was the maximum limit for him to speak calmly, the exception being when he is talking to his Sweebit.

Khanna took a sip from the Bisleri bottle that he was carrying as he was performing this extremely dangerous task. At one end was his Boss with a red nose, that redness depicting anger. And on the other end was his not so sweet and innocent sister. His Shivaay Sir's anger issues were somehow transferred to Anika and she was more dangerous as compared to Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

"Mam..." Khanna was snubbed by Anika who was sitting on the waiting chair outside the VIP ward.

Anika was even more annoyed because of being alone and thus getting bored. It was a VIP ward and so, there were not many people around, atleast Anika could've seen people moving about if it was a general ward but... This SSO and the tante of his and his Chele chapates.

"Khanna Ji, I'm warning you for the last time, don't come to me and ask me to go home. I'm NOT going anywhere until this man can move and boss around." Anika said in a bored tone and stressing the word 'Not'.

"He's already bossing around, Mam. So technically he's fine." Khanna whispered but Anika heard it as her mouth opened like an O and eyes narrowed in a scrutinising way.

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