Eros {Sanemi Shinazugawa}

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✦ Smut, female reader, no manga spoilers

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Smut, female reader, no manga spoilers.

Greek types of love series》 V

Eros (noun); is romantic, passionate love. It represents the idea of sexual passion and desire.


Between his arms, you felt protected. It was as though poisonous air filled your lungs and the only cure was his touch, it had such a nurturing effect on your body that it was difficult to think that you'd be able to live without it. Sanemi could be rough at times, but his touch seemed to disagree with his initial personality. Only you could tell his heart was kind.

Sharing personal details of each other's life was the main topic when you ate food during his training breaks. On his free days, he'd take you to a mountain, flower field or whatever caught his eye to enjoy the view, after a few times doing that, you started bringing a basket with food in order to do a picnic. He would tell you the darkest and most obscure parts of his life and you would tell him yours. The bond that unified you grew stronger with the time spent together.

It was, at the very beginning, love at first sight. You fell in love with his body. His broad, tonned chest and abs, muscular arms, messy white locks and multiple scars made your knees falter, your eyes focused solely on his every move. No one found strange that the first time you dated him, the night ended up with sloppy kisses and desire consuming the both of you.

Touching him felt as if you lived in hell and could finally reach heaven. His hands were big and rough, but they still could caress you gently when you needed it, and explore your insides skillfully when you begged for it.

"(Name)?" he called, his voice echoing around the house.

He had just gotten back from a mission. His neck and back were killing him from all the strain he'd put on his muscles, he only wished to rest beside your figure; smelling your scent, the almost inaudiable sounds of your breathing, the feeling of your body pressed against his, he needed to feel it all before he went crazy. He needed to feel you to be sane.

Sanemi got deeper into the house, finally finding you sleeping on his bed hugging a pillow. He was about to cup your cheek when he noticed you were wearing nothing but his shirt, which was oversized and messingly buttoned. A smirk made its way to his lips, his hand resting on your cheek, then slowly traveling all the way to your bare collarbone. Oh, how much he loved to kiss that spot.

Your eyes opened, meeting with his almost instantly. You supported your weight on your elbows, half-sitting to look at him better.

"Sanemi, you've back" you said, yawning "I missed you"

Sure, he was tired and wanted to cuddle with you, but he couldn't ignore the hunger he had for your body.

You couldn't help but let out a low moan when he smashed your lips together, instantly playing with your tongue. He pulled away a minute after, when your cheeks were vermillion and your pants for air made him stop.

"I missed you too" he said, before his eyes wandered towards your barely covered body "so right now I only want to fuck you senselessly until you can't think straight."

You nodded, smiling. 

Sanemi's left hand ran through your leg, dangerously touching your inner thigh, and every nerve in your body shut down. Your back arched in anticipation, knowing where his fingers would go next. A chrous of moans louder than the last escaped your throat as he digged two of his fingers inside of you, and they begin moving up and down and in circles, sending waves of pleasure throughout your body. He connected your lips again, raw intensity in each of them, your tongues entwined in a sloppy kiss, silencing your moans. He went faster and faster, until you couldn't hold on any longer and release on him.

"You're so fucking cute" he whispered, eyeing your defeated, lustful form. He pulled his fingers out of you and licked them, slow and sensually, watching your blush go redder by the minute.

"Sanemi" you mewled, grabbing him by the collar, eyes full of lust "I need... need your cock inside me... now."

But Sanemi loved teasing you when you pleaded. He began kissing your breasts, then he was licking, suctioning them and watching your reaction, how your body begged for him. Finally, he decided to please you. Mainly because his own length was too tight on his pants to keep them on much longer.

Your head swinged back against the pillow the second he buried his length onto you, letting out a loud moan against his ear. You surrendered, being at his mercy.

His rough thrusts made you cry out his name a dozen times, and he fucked you harder each time his ears could hear such a melody. And he kept going deeper, rougher, faster, making every inch of your body drown in pleasure, your head feeling completely hazy. He proceded biting your collarbone, kissing and sucking your neck aggressively, leaving clear that he wanted to leave marks.

Your breathing changed with every thrust, your heart rate going faster. His groans and your moans filled the room, his warm breath against your neck made you lose yourself even more. Your tight hold on the sheets vanished, your hands grabbing his face and forcing him to kiss you before your hips collided with one another once again, your body tensing as you realised your juices, him doing it seconds afterwards, flooding your insides with himself.

You stayed there for a minute, then he fell to the mattress next to you, admiring how messed up he'd left you. Both of you panting for air, sweating. To his surprise, you managed to smile and place a luscious kiss on his lips.

"Do you want to..." you tried to say and catch your breath at the same time "Do you... wanna go again?"

Sanemi grinned, hands caressing your hips.

"I'm addicted to your damn taste, how can I say no?"


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