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"Hey guys!"

The morning was bright and chilly as you watched your teammates excitedly greet everyone in their live stream. A fuzzy blanket draped over your body as you sat in the couch behind them.

"Today we're gonna do a Q&A!"
Sadie, the leader of the group, cheered. Her green eyes shining with excitement.

You rolled your eyes at their ways, sometimes you even wondered if it was really you who was the youngest of the group but oh well, what else could you expect from the girls Japan volleyball team.

Elly, a tan skinned girl in her mid twenties, called. Her dark eyes staring at you with humour and mischief as you raised a brow.
"This question is for you."

Grabbing the phone out of her smooth hands, you read the question. Then continued to reread it as a blush over took your cheeks.

You muttered as the girls erupted into a handful of cheers, whistles and laughter.

"You have to answer it."
Elly laughed, pulling you to sit in front of the camera.

"Well.. he's not really a crush, more like a boy I saw and think is cute."
You chuckled awkwardly, fiddling with a strand of hair as the other girls cheered you on.
"He goes to karasuno high in Moya hi and hes called sugawara."

Sadie took it upon herself to explain the rest, having seen your awkward fidgeting.
"She saw a video of his serves on an Instagram account called the best of volleyball and shes been smitten ever since."

You huffed, the group once again roaring in laughter as the comments went insane.

'Karasuno high?? Really???'

'My brother goes there! ^0^'

'I love you guys!'

One comment in specific though, caught your attention.

'Sugawara-senpai?! Ahhh the team in going to go crazy!'

Your eyes widened, though as soon as it appeared it was then pushed back with the flood of other messages that were sent in.

You screeched, pushing past the two girls in front of you and scrolling up on the phone through the comment section where the name 'hinata_shō' was seen.
You cried, anime tears spilling from your e/c eyes as the girls continued to poke fun.

"Don't worry y/n."
Ashley, the team's middle blocker, patted your back. Her blue eyes casted on you in a gentle manner.
"Whats the chances of you two having an awkward meeting anyways?"

You sent her a relieved smile, taking in a deep breath before sitting back down.

"Yeah! You're right!"

"And you think these guys have potential?"
Your manager asked with a raised brow.

His eyes were locked on the screen as the video of karasuno high's most recent match against a neighbouring school, the boys were great players, he'd admit that but he couldn't understand why you were showing him this out of the blue.

"She likes one of them."
Elly laughed, wrapping an arm around your shoulder as your face erupted in red, your manager now looking up with a playful smirk.

"Is that so?"
He chuckled.

Your face fell into your hands, a groan escaping your lips as you elbowed the tan girl in the sides. Her laugh only growing as you attacked her.

"I'll go check 'en out then. Anything to please our man eater."
He laughed, ruffling your hair as you puffed your cheeks.

"Man eater? You say that as if people genuinely are interested in me."
You rolled your eyes, stepping away from Elly to go pick up a stray ball that was rolling away from the other girls whom were practising.

"Hey, you'd be surprised at the amount of people who like you."
Elly shrugged, crossing her arms over her ridiculously large chest.

You hummed absentmindedly, tossing the ball over to the group before turning back towards your old man.
"So you'll check them out?"

He smiled.

"Put in a good word for me then."

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