Agape {Tanjiro Kamado}

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He had never seen someone so breathtaking. After all that dirt, all that sadness, he found a treasure worth more than a thousand diamonds.

He loved how your eyes would light up when he told you about funny anecdotes. He loved how you played around with his sword like a little kid when you thought he wasn't around. He loved your childish happiness. He loved how you hugged him when he was sad, even when others couldn't tell he was.

"So... I've finally decided" you stated, putting heavy books on the table. "I'm gonna be a doctor."

Tanjiro tilded his head. "Why so suddenly?"

"It's not suddenly. I've been thinking about this for a while and, since you refuse to let me be a demon slayer, I'll be a doctor instead." you placed your hands on your sides, smiling proudly at him "I wanna help people the way you helped me! If I can do so much as make someone's suffering end, I'll be happy."

He looked at you, eyes smiling, and thought "How can the most beautiful art piece stand in this room and only I notice it?"

You snapped, eyes widening.

"I'm not going to university, if that's what you're thinking! I know we don't have enough money." you scratched the back of your neck, a bit embarrassed for getting carried away "I spoke with Shinobu and she offered to teach me all she knows"

He stood up and wrapped his arms around your figure in a tender and firm way, careful not to hurt you.

"W-why the hug?" your cheeks flushed red, heart hammering against your chest.

Tanjiro didn't pull away. He didn't want to.

"I just wanted to hug you, that's all" he whispered, his senses swayed by the pleasant feeling of being with the person he loved.

His love for you was unconditional. No matter the horrible things you said to him, or how much you strayed away from him to be with others. His feelings remained, standing as tall the sky.

He held back his tears when you kissed another. And never looked away when that person held you instead of him. He still cared, loved, suffered silently because he knew you were happy that way.

As long as you were happy, his mind could be at peace.

Tanjiro accompanied you down the aisle without breaking his smile. He saw your eyes' brightest colors merging with tears of pure happiness and love. He had never felt so sad and glad at the same time.

"No matter what, Tanjiro, you're the person I cherish the most in this life and the others after this" you smiled at him and kissed his cheek, prepared to leave his side to be next to other.

He loved you, unconditionally.

And he stood there, he held your hand when that person harmed you. His insides burned with rage, but your fragile trembling body calmed him down. You needed him. After years, you searched for his familiar warmth. It pained him to see you sad, but you between his arms felt so right.

"Shhh, don't cry" he whispered, caressing your hair "you deserve much better"

That night, he hugged you tighter, crying with you until you both fell asleep drowning in a perfect bittersweetness.

Time would fly or swim and you'd still know that he was the most important person in your life.

Ocassionally, he sat on one of the butterfly estate's bed to admire you work. Your hair tied into a high ponytail, that danced whenever you were turned your head or moved anywhere.

You would tend to his wounds whenever he was injured during one of his missions. Worry would take over you like insanity, your heart suffered whenever you spotted the tiniest scratch on him.

You simply couldn't shake the feeling off. He made your emotions go wild like nobody ever had. Because he cared for you, he saved you, he healed your damaged soul.

After trying to erase the love you felt with the facade of loving another, you were harmed, chewed and thrown.

You knew Tanjiro deserved better. You needed him to be happy more than you needed to breathe. He was your life, everything important and everything that ever mattered.

But he was the sky when you weren't even the finest dirt.

You loved him, unconditionally.

You two cared deeply, and would continue to care for the rest of eternity. Until the last planet of the universe explodes, you would continue to care and love for each other. And who says it'd end there?

He stared at you, and you'd stare back at him and time would stop. Magic would flow through your veins, no way of making it stop.

And then you couldn't look away, couldn't restrain yourself. If loving him was everything your body wished, but it was more than your heart could handle.

You held your breath, and then, smashed your lips against his. The gentleness of the kiss, mixed with the profound love you shared, let tears slid down your face. All that time apart, all that meaningless insecurity and suffering. All so you could kiss his lips and he could feel your love be returned in full.

Why would you two suffer so much for a single person?

It was love.

It's always been love.


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