Agape {Tanjiro Kamado}

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✦ Fluff, no manga spoilers

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Fluff, no manga spoilers.

Greek types of love series》 VII

Agape (noun); all-giving love, not concerned with the self, only with the partner, or with people needing compassion. It loves when all other types of love quit, and cares when there is no apparent reason to care. 

Note: This probably has some grammatical errors, but I'll fix them later.


You had lost everything, from the people you trusted to any material belongings you had. Living in the streets was like not living at all, cornered up in a alleyway like trash. Your eyes had lost all light, all color. You forgot how kindness felt. You were met always with disgust.

But why? Was it because of your putrid smell? Was it because of your permanently teary eyes? Was it because of your starving figure? Was it because you were so rotten that they couldn't stand the sight of you?

But why? It wasn't your fault that your parents didn't want you, that they got tired of you and threw you away.

You knew no kindness.

Not until you met him.

Tanjiro had loving eyes, those which felt like the comfort of resting after a long day of hardship. He didn't seem affected by your smell or appearance at all. He didn't care. His hand extended to your direction was enough for tears to drop on the dirt you slept on.

"Are you okay?"

He sounded as if pianos and violins and all kinds of instruments were jealous of his voice.

"N-No" you managed to pronounce, lost in his presence.

"What's your name?" he asked, brows knitted together in worry.


You extended your hand as well, a bit hesitant to take his.

"You must be starving. Come on, I'll pay for your food."

He grabbed you between his arms and you felt it. He felt like home.

Tanjiro gave you everything. You had no home and he invited you to live with him. You had no clothes and he did his best to buy some for you, even if it meant working extra hard. Beyond the pain, sweat, blood, he had to shed, was your happiness. He wished to see you smiling, to see a person who that rotten world had damaged, healed again. He knew pain, and he hated the idea of others knowing pain too.

His calloused hands bled. Day after day, night after night, they bled. But he got to see you smile, and it warmed his heart. He saw your pain flee from you and your joy settle, and his chest couldn't help but hold in the fireworks that exploded in inside his rib cage.

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