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{ Calum POV }

Branson: Mission Accomplished

Me: congrats

Me: meanwhile I'm trying to get this girl who never will go for me

Branson: here something try texting her instead of me.

{ Text with Aqua }

Me: Aqua hey we haven't talked in days how are you

Future: hey omg I totally forgot about you

Me: -.-

Future: I'm sorry

Me: your too busy for me now

Future: nah

Me: wanna go to this party on Friday

Future: uhm I'm going to a party that my boyfriend is throwing sorry

Me: boyfriend?

Aqua💔: yeah the guy I told you about

Me: oh

Me: congrats

Aqua💔: are you okay?

Aqua💔: every time I talk about him you get sad

Me: one day you'll understand

Aqua💔: I know how to cheer you up.

( invites Leah and Joey )

Leah: who the fuck added me

Aqua💔: Calum

Me: what the fuck no

Joey: let's play a game

Leah: called

Aqua💔: guess that song

Joey: aqua shut the fuck its not your game

Aqua💔: I'm the one that showed you how to play

Aqua💔: guess this

Aqua💔: when you said it was over, you shot right through my heart

Me: Beware

Me: now Romeo and Juliet bet they never felt the way we felt

Joey: Stuck in the moment

Joey: you know what to do with that big fat butt


Joey: damn bitch chill

Aqua💔: cause the player gonna play play play

Leah: shake it off

Leah: I sneezed on a beat and the beat got sickah

Me: yonce?

Leah: correct :)

Joey: that was so typical choose an artist other than beyonce

Leah: clap for a **** with your trappin ass

Aqua: -.- Tom ford by Jay Z really?

Joey: leave the Beyonces alone

Me: when I see your face there's not a thing that I would change cause your amazing

Joey: just the way you are

Leah: do you got the feels like damn

{ text with Leah }

Leah: you got the feels for Aqua don't you?

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