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(WARNING!)vulgar language, mentions of drug and alcohol abuse, sex scenes +

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vulgar language, mentions of drug and alcohol abuse, sex scenes +

chapter two

The seven old ex friends run through the passageway


"What if they didn't see us?"

"Well, then, we're getting in our cardio!"

"They definitely saw something"

"Way to go, Molly!"

"I said sorry!"

"Can you all please shut up, for the first time in forever I'm trying to think" Angel screams

They turn the corner and notices the door has been closed

"Okay, which one of you dipshits closed the door behind us" Angel questions them

Molly starts to laugh causing Gert to scold her

"Molly, do you think this is funny" Gert questions her

"I'm sorry... but Angel said dipshits" Molly starts to laugh

Alex walks over and tries to open the door but miserably fails

"God, it won't budge! It must be locked" Alex complains

"Don't take this the wrong way, Wilder, but a little body strength might help" Chase tells him as he walks up and tries to open the door

Chase tries again causing Angelica to face palm

"Heavier than it looks" Chase says to Alex with a look of defeat

"Yeah, everyone, come on, push together" Alex instructs

All the girls except for Molly walk over to where the door is and begin to push it

"I hear footsteps" Molly comments making Angel's eyes widen and turn back over to where Molly is

Molly turns around with her eye lighten up in a golden tone causing Angel mouth to drop open

"What the fuck" She mouths over to Molly making the girl crack a smile

Angel and Molly walk back over to where the door is

Molly pushes the door open causing everyone to fall down in the room

They then all run outside then Alex stops and turns to them

"You guys into the guest house. I have an idea" Alex tells them

"Yeah? What if it's a stupid idea that makes things worse?" Chase questions him

"I don't see how that's possible" Gert comments

"They could be coming for us next" Karolina suggests to them

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