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"I-sir!? Are you crazy?" I asked loudly as Sebastian pulled me along with him out of the hotel. He looked back at me and smiled. "Only a little."

"You literally just donated one million dollars to a charity to outbid everyone."

"Well, I also wanna feed the homeless, put money into the school systems, and fund cancer research." He shared. "Where are we-Where are we going?!" I asked as he pulled me along with him down the crowded sidewalk.

"It's a surprise." He chuckled.

After turning a few corners we ended up in this small pizza place. "The food there sucked arse." He said. I let out a small laugh and took a seat in a booth facing away from the windows. "People are staring," I whispered.

"Hello everyone! Order whatever you like it's on me!" He shouted invoking a string of cheers. I quickly reached over the table and pulled on his arm to get him to sit down. "No more drunken decisions on my watch," I grumbled.

"Sit here and I'll get the pizza. What kind do you want?" I asked. "Hmmm. One of every flavor." He shrugged.

"Seriously?" I laughed. "Yes." He said assertively. I sighed and shook my head as I went up to the register. "Hello, ma'am. For here or to go?"

True to his word Sebastian bought every person who came in whatever they wanted all the way up until closing. He also ate every single pizza he had me order plus hot wings. Lord knows he'd be regretting that later. "Here Sebastian, give me your phone," I said.

He only groaned in response as he stretched out dramatically in the Booth. I sighed heavily from annoyance and went to go through his pockets for his phone. I needed to call his driver and I didn't have my work phone with me. Once I retrieved his phone, I sent a text to Ben the driver and waited for his arrival.

"I called Ben he's gonna get you home."

"I don't wanna go home." He groaned. "You gotta get cleaned up and you have to go to sleep."

"Just take me back to the hotel. My stuff is still there." Even though his speech was very muffled and slurred I was still able to understand him. He's gonna be fucked in the morning.

When Ben got there he helped get Sebastian in the car and took us back to the hotel. "Come on buddy you gotta work with me here."

It was hard getting him up to his room, but I put my best effort into making sure he got there safely. When we got in front of his door I reached into his pocket and got the key card to let us in.

Soon as we got inside he collapsed on the bed. "Come on man you gotta change your clothes." I groaned.

"Just off take them me for." He said. "What?!"

I sighed for the umpteenth time tonight and began pulling off his shoes and jacket. "I'm not taking the rest of your clothes off. I'm gonna get a warm rag for you."

I left him there and headed to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I noticed how frazzled I looked. My hair was sticking up a little and I looked tired. I shook my head and grabbed a rag. I came out of the room to find Sebastian laying on his back only in his dress pants.

I bit my lip and went towards him to wipe his face. I wiped gently and slowly before taking off his watch and chain. I placed his jewelry on the bedside table and turned back to him to make sure everything was okay. I grabbed the trash can from the bathroom and the one by the desk to put them on either side of the bed and placed a cup of water and Advil on the bedside table.

I turned the lights out and went to walk away when Sebastian pulled my arm roughly making me fall back onto the bed. "Stay." He mumbled.

"No Sebastian, that's not appropriate."

"Fuck being appropriate. Just stay until I fall asleep...please." He asked softly.

I sighed heavily and hesitated a bit before lying down beside him leaving a few inches between us. He didn't seem to care much about my personal space though since he moved closer and wrapped his arm around my waist. "You do this with your last assistant?"

"Nah my last assistant was a dude." He chuckled. His chest vibrated as he laughed, spreading a little warmth into my own. "Goodnight."



When my eyes fluttered open I was greeted with darkness. I groaned a little as I rubbed my eyes and attempted to sit up. The weight on my waist tightened a bit. "Goddamnit," I whispered.

The clock by the bed read 3 am. I'd only been in here for an hour. I carefully climbed out of the bed and grabbed my stuff while stumbling around in the dark. Once I got into my own room I stripped, washed my face, and fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed.

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