chapter two

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I opened my eyes to see Jacob's smiling face looking at me. ''I told you it would be fine!'' He said happily. Suddenly there was a big jolt. '' Is it still fine now!'' I said trying to smile but fear was written all over my voice. '' YOUR SO PARANOID!!'' He laughed loudly while shaking me rapidly. '' Your right'' I sighed. Now the plane was jolting all over the place! ''Uhhh ,it's ummmm probably turbulence???'' Jacob said trying to convince me but I knew he was unsure. I felt the Plane tilt a bit. ''OK,know i don't think it's just turbulence!!!I cried in a scared voice. '' Hmm you may be right...... Uncle would have talked over the loudspeaker telling us there is bad turbulence and to stay in our seats, I'll go check on him'' He said with fake confidence in his voice.  He started to go to the pilot room. I felt anxious without him all alone with a plane that it's jolting all over the place! '' Im coming to!!!'' I Said  desperately.  I walked over with him and when we reached the door Jacob knocked , but there was no ''come in''  or ''who is it'' only silence. '' Thats it something is wrong'' whispered  Jacob.  As i told you I've known Jacob for well forever really...... But I haven't seen him scared since he was seven when we went to a horror movie. And now hear him scared at seventeen years of age was well weird , Frightening and lots more. Jacob tried opening the door but it was locked. '' Why would Uncle  lock the door?'' asked Jacob mysteriously.I wanted to say a logical answer or that it was probably nothing but I knew there it was something. Jacob barged the door down and there we saw Jacob's Uncle lying there with a needle in his neck. '' WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!!'' I yelled in confusion. I saw there was a note in Jacob's Uncle Adrian hand. '' I don't know but I pretty sure we'll find out  whoever did this to Uncle or why.'' He said ith tears in his eyes. Jacob got the note out and he read it out loud. '' Dear nephew ,I f you are reading this it means that you know about the needle in my neck and well I didn't want to do this but someone gave me a  message on the radio saying that they want you they didn't tell me why but they didn't want you alive so they said I have to crash the plane or they would come for you and Casey at the airport, Im very sorry I love you and this plane will crash very soon please even if you survive please don't go back to your house.... Uncle Adrian.''. ''Oh my gosh Im going to die!!!!!!!

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