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The snow storm fell hard during the night, the manor in the middle of the woods once again lit up with life as hunters and survivors celebrated their favourite time of the year.


Emma screeched, her brown hair that was tied into a pony tail swaying as she ran into the dinning room where everyone was sat, waiting for the Christmas dinner. She wore the most ridiculous Santa Claus suit, the outfit around three sizes too big for her which only resulted in her tripping over the excess material of the pants every three steps.

"Jesus emma,"
Naib, a young man wearing a green hoodie, grumbled, standing to help the struggling girl with taking off the beard that begun to suffocate her.
"You can calm down a bit, we're all in the Christmas spirit already."

Said girl pouted, her mouth and cheeks red and puffy from the itchy fake hair.
"I was just trying to do a Christmas tradition!"
She defended.

Naib shook his head, assisting her in getting out of the ridiculous suit before looking at her pouting face.

"Goddamnit. Don't look at me like that!"

The dining room erupted in laughter, the lightness in the air making everyone warm as they watched the two interact.

"Fine! You want your stupid tradition that bad?!"
Naib whined, snatching the Santa suit and storming off to his room.

Once the male was out of sight and ear shot, emma threw her hands in the air, a huge grin on her face as she did what she calls a victory dance.

Emily, a beautiful brunette that has been known as the doctor of the group, chuckled and shook her head.
"That was your plan all along, wasn't it?"


The handful of colourful people cheered and laughed as they ate the rather large dinner that the manor owner had provided them. 'All I want for Christmas' played in the background as emma mouthed the lyrics to the grumpy boy that sat across from her, naib. The Santa suit fit him perfectly and they all agreed to adopt this tradition and make naib be santa. Of course with some more food as a reward.

"I'm glad we don't have any matches until next year."
Eli, a guy who wore a blue hoodie and always had an owl following him, smiled.

"The old man really gave us a blessing with that."
Kevin agreed, his cowboy hat tipping as he pointed his fork towards Eli.
"Don't know what I would've done if I had a match tomorrow or on New Years."

Emily laughed at the male, though, soon her laughter came to a stop as a serious and rather shock look overtook her face. Kevin, having noticed the change in demeanour, hushed everyone.

Eli asked softly.

Not even giving an answer, Emily shot up from her seat and ran out of the dining room. Emma following close behind, seemingly having caught onto what happened.

The girls ran out of the room and into the dimly lit corridors of the manor, their footsteps barely even audible due to the howling wind of the snow storm outside. But they could hear it.

There was someone at the door.

Arriving at the wooden entrance, Emily wasted no time to throw it open.

You stood there, shivering and hugging yourself to have as much warmth as possible.

"Oh my goodness!"
Emily cried, pulling you into the warm building before quickly beginning to guide you to the dining room where the chimney was.
"Emma! Please go get her a blanket and some warm clothes!"

The dining room fell silent once again as Emily walked in with you shivering next to her, your eyes crestfallen and locked on the floor as she guided your frozen form next to the fire.

"I'll get her some hot chocolate."
Michiko stood, her beautiful kimono swaying with her quick movements as she rushed to get the drink.

The ice that had formed on your lips and eyes had now melted away, the blankets and new clothes finally giving you back your stolen body heat as the warm chocolate and fire kept you cozy.

"Thank you."
You said softly, to the best of your abilities with your hoarse voice, towards Emily whom was sat in front of you.

A soft smile grazed her lips as she shook her head.
"Don't worry about it, I'm glad you came here instead of staying out in the cold."

You nodded your head, looking around and noticing the Christmas decorations.
"I'm sorry, I interrupted your Christmas dinner, didn't I?"

Before Emily had the chance to reply, a deep voice cut in. His chuckle making you turn to your left where a tall man stood with a pillow in his arms.
"That? Don't worry about it! We can go back to it soon, the night is still young anyways."
He reassured.

Your eyes studied the male. He had dark skin and a broad body structure representing that of a footy player, his dark hair tied up in a half up half down do.

You breathed out, snapping your eyes away from him bashfully. Though they soon widened once realisation kicked in.
"I haven't introduced myself! Sorry, I'm y/n l/n."

The two people besides you smiled, the doctor being the first to introduce herself.
"Emily Dyer, im a doctor."

"And im William Ellis, a rugby player."
The male smiled.

You grinned at the male.
"I knew you were a player! I could recognise that body type anywhere."
You laughed.

He chuckled, sitting the pillow comfortably behind you before taking a seat in front of you.
"Why's that? Are you a sports fan?"

Emily, having taken notice that this was a conversation she wouldn't be able to take much part in, laughed before excusing herself. Leaving you both to chit chat about sports.

"No, no. I'm actually a tennis player. Im friends with a lot of rugby players though so that body type is just easy for me to detect by now."
You smiled.
"But may I say how I never realised just how good you guys look in turtle necks?"

Not having realised you said that, you looked down at the shirt, his cheeks warming up at the comment.

"Oh? Thank you then."
He laughed, scratching his cheek bashfully.

Giving him a smile, you took a sip of your drink before sitting back up and leaning towards him.

"So whats your favourite sport?"

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