damon and elena.- It was always You

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this is a fan fiction of the tv show vanpire darie. I always loved damon and elena together, so don't be offensed if you are team stefan. enjoy, comment and vote plz!  :)


   I stood at the top of the curled, pealry white stairway, my heart threatened  to jump out of my chest. I knew it wasn't stage fright. It was Stefan. How could this happen? Stefan was drinking human blood again and LYING about it? It was a whole new concept to me, Stefan being out of control, and my mind was not functioning properly. How am i going to get him through this? HOW?

   "And here is our last contestant running for Miss Mystic Falls! Miss Elena Gilbert, and her escort, Mr.Stefan Salvatore!" the annoucer of the pageant broke me from my thoughts, reminding me of where i am and what i'm supposed to do.

  Right...I was in a beauty pageant. Something that normal high school tennage girls did.

  Problem is, ever since i met Stefan, nothing about me or my life will ever be connected to normal again. Not when i was surrounded by vampires and accidents happened as fast as the speed of lighting.

  As I walked down the stairs, I tried my best to plaster a smile on my face, hoping that Stefan's already pulled himself  together, and was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. I doubt it though, considering the state he had been in earlier.

  Please Stefan, please be here for me. I silently prayed, hoping that it might work.

  I reached the bottom of the stairs and looked up to see, not Stefan, but Damon, standing there and holding his hand out to me. He had his signature smirk on his face,  as if nothing had happened, as if his brother hadn't just lied about his sudden change in diet to the rest of us. As if he didn't care.

  I took Damon's hand reluctantly, seeing there was no other choice, and lined up with the other contestans on the dance floor.

  The music came on, and Damon gently put his hands on my waist, his blue eyes never left my face. We began to dance. It was weird though, how our bodies danced in harmony with each other like we've spent out whole lives doing this, when really, it was our first. I looked up into his eyes, still fixed intensely on me. I didn't see someone who had done every monstrous thing the Damon on the outside did. All i saw in those deep blue pools was sadness and hurt. I wondered if they've been this way ever since Kathrine left him 150 years ago....How come I've never noticed there was so much humanity in his eyes, when it was so hard to find on him anywhere else when he block himself away?

 Suddenlt, I found myself having a diffcult time to look away from those sad eyes, so pure, so blue, like the color of the sky after a storm, so breath takingly beautiful...

  Wait...Was Damon compelling me? Why am i thinking like this? But compulsion on me was not possible, I was still wearing the necklace that contained vervain, the one that Stefan had given to me.


  What am i doing? My boyfriend, the person i love so much was going through the hardest times of his life, and here I am, thinking of how beautiful his brother's eyes were?

  Get it together Elena, I tell myself, this is just Damon being nice and saving you from humiliation, Stefan is the one you will always love.

I look up again, just wanting to thank Damon, but my grateful words were caught up in my throat as I unintentionally lost myself in those piercing blue eyes again

How beautiful they were......

ok so this is the end of part 1, what do you guys think? any ideas? please feel free to say so, and please vote and comment. Oh and just in case you never watched the show. Stefan and Damon are brothers who were turned into vampires by a girl named Kathrine. They both loved her. A century later, a girl named Elena, looking EXACLTY like kathrine shows up in their lives. In the show, Elena and Stefan falls in love with each other, but i love damon so much i decided to write this fan fiction. And vervain is a herb toxic to vampires, it keeps humans from getting compelled by them. Alright, have a nice day every one. <3 bballluv

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