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{ Aqua POV }

It's Monday night, nothing to do as usual. But on the bright side it's thanksgiving break.

Beyonce: so you know Jonathan ?

Me: no

Beyonce: well never mind

Beyonce: ill just tell Joey

Me: -.-

"Aqua could you go to the backyard please." My mother yelled from down stairs.

"That requires exercise and I'm not down for that." I yelled back.

"Okay well I guess we will give your surprise to our favorite daughter Leah."

I swear my mom met Leah once and they really hit it off cause of their love for beyonce.

Branson: come to your back yard please.

Me: ? Ok

I got up making my way to my backyard. I wonder what's so great about the back yard and the grass.


"Now will you be my girlfriend?" Branson asked.

"Oh my god yes ill be your girlfriend, this is soo romantic. You set this up?" I said looking at the set up.

He nod his head and motioned me over to the blankets on the floor.

Branson put Christmas lights from tree to tree, also having a white blanket with a projector set up in the back.

It was like he picked it off an old chick flick.

"What movie do you want to watch? I have Mean Girls and The Fault In Our Stars." He said pulling the movies from behind him.

"The Fault In Our Stars"

"Okay and I also have cookie dough ice cream." He said handing me a bowl of ice cream.

"No wonder why you asked me about these things." I said.

"Only for the best." He said leaning in to kiss me in my cheek.

Mom: I bet next time you would go out to the backyard
*dramatically flips hair*

Me: haha maybe


I woke up wrapped around Branson's arm. I grabbed my phone to check to see what time it was.


Branson: hey babe I know that it's 1am and you look hella cute sleeping. But I wanted to give you a good night text. I'm glad that the girl of my dreams decided to finally be my girlfriend. I promise to treat you like the true princess you are.

Branson: oh and in your room is all your favorite flowers haha I Love You

After I read the text I couldn't do anything but lay there and smile.

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