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The morning sun graced the small town with a cold light. The dawn's breeze still flowing through the land in a chilling manner.

This, however, didn't stop a young boy from going about his daily routine.

His feet tapped the brick floor with each step he took up towards the roof, a melodic whistle being sung by him as he reached towards a large cage that sat at the very top of the little house he owned.

The flutter of wings and quiet cooes of the small creatures sounded out through the thick silence of the early hour, a small smile gracing his lips once spotting the companions he knew far too well.

"Morning guys."
He cheered to the light feathered creatures, the bird's cooing only intensifying once gearing the voice of the boy.

With a chuckle, he unlatched the lock on the cage and opened the small door, smiling at the birds that graciously flew around him before beginning their journey down to the small town below. As the boy watched the birds fly around, he brought a trumpet up to his lips. Starting slowly and softly before a smooth melody sounded out, the morning breeze carrying the soothing sound down to the town with the birds

The town laid silent and lazy, only the occasional passerby like the milk maid or bread man passing by to wave at the birds and hum along to the harmony before continuing on with their daily routine.

Little by little, the people begun awakening as the song reached their ears. Almost like an alarm clock. Whispering them awake to greet the new day with friendly smiles and relaxed hearts.

The milk maiden smiled at the man she was selling her milk to, his smiling lips as the soft hum that followed the tune of the trumpet bringing a sense of warmth to her.

"Kou's a sweetheart, waking us up like this every morning."
She laughed, gratefully accepting the money he exchanged.

The bushy bearded man chuckled, nodding along to what she said as his, still drowsy, eyes trailed up to the mountain where the boy lived in.

"He sure is. Pity though, poor boy lost his family long ago."

The maiden frowned, her brows furrowing in sadness at the newly found information.

"What happened to them? If you don't mind me asking of course."
She hummed, curiosity peeking.

The man sighed, shaking his head before smiling at her.

"It's best if we let him tell the others instead of us just spreading it around."

The young woman smiled, nodding her head in agreement before bidding her goodbye, leaving to sell the rest of her milk.

With one last blow into the instrument, he finally finished, detaching it from his slightly sore lips before smiling down at the now active town.

"Nice. Breakfast time."
He laughed to himself, excitedly running back down the steps and into the small house to start his morning.

The small wooden cabin sat comfortably on the top of the mountain, the warm inside being a welcoming contrast the cool wind of outside. Decorations scattered all over, trophies and old pictures of his brother's work bringing the house a sense of life.

A smile grazed his lips, his eyes trailing over each picture and achievement.

A pilot.

That's what Teru Minamoto was famous for.

Having been raised in a small town that was in the middle of nowhere, he grabbed a group of men and started building all types of machinery. From hot air balloons to planes, he built them and flew them away, soon growing an obsession over the wonders of the sky.

One obsession, however, only lead to his and his sisters disappearance.

Oh how much kou regretted letting them leave that day, how much he wished he at least went with them. Alas, that was in the past. He'd find them one day.

"Come on, come on, come on."

Your eyebrows were furrowed one concentration as you worked on the machine in front of you. Hey, maybe you couldn't get out of this plane alone but if you sent out an S.O.S message then maybe someone will help you.

The continuous beeping filled your ears, your fingers pressing the buttons in specific patterns, making sure you won't mess up.

Though, the door to the room you were in, slamming open snatched your attention away from the machine. With a gasp, you turned to look at your abductor with wide eyes.

A fine man, rich and handsome stood at the door. If only he hadn't abducted you and were a tad bit younger then you would've been fine with marrying him.

"What are you doing?!"
He growled, snatching your wrist and bringing you close to him.

You cringed in pain, trying to snatch back your arm that was gripped under his harsh strength. He could quite possibly snap your bone if he wanted to.

You exclaimed, tugging and pulling at the limb. Alas, he was too strong.

Looking around for a solution, your eyes spotted a glass bottle. Definitely not the best plan but it was something. Grabbing hold of the green bottle, you brought it up above your head, watching his eyes widen, before bringing it down with all your force.

The glass cracked on his head, the shattering noise making you cringe. However, upon feeling his grip loosen and seeing him tumble to the ground in pain, you shot up and made your way towards the door.

Only a step away, the door was once again slammed open by none other than his men. The tall and buff figures maliciously grinning at you.

"Get her!"

And in less than a second, both men leaped towards you. Using quick reflexes, you moved out of the way and ran out of the room towards the next one. Shutting the door close, you looked for another way out. Something. Anything.

Yet the only thing you found was a window.

The men hit the door mercilessly, only getting it open after a little less than a dozen tries. The male ran in, eyes searching for you through the room before landing on the open window.

Hurriedly, he peeked his head out, eyes widening at the sight of you crawling on the side of the large aircraft.

He yelled, trying to reach you and bring you back into the room.

You shook your head, trying to reach the window of the next room only to let a cry of despair once seeing his men open the window.


Your heart beat loudly in your chest, not wanting to go back to him. So in a moment of pure fear, you let go of the aircraft.

Letting gravity pull you towards your doom.

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