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I just realised just how many people have read these and I feel bad about making y'all wait so Imma at least publish the first chapter and see when I can properly start these three :,)

It was a cold winter night. All good stories start on a cold winter night.

The castle was lively and colourful with the people of Japan. The yellow hue of the candlelit chandeliers that hung in the ceiling made everything look like pure gold in your, and your sibling's, eyes.

A ball for Anastasia. The usual.

Anastasia was your older sister. The oldest in the family. She was loved and admired by everyone around her and was always the star of the spotlight, leaving you and your siblings in her shadow. You didn't mind though, you quite enjoyed being able to see the opportunities she got without having to take on any responsibilities. You watched her move in the dance floor from one suitor to the other, each charming boy sending her a smile that girls would die for only to have Anastasia awkwardly chuckle before sending you an exasperated look. A look which you replied with a laugh before deciding to go rescue her from her hoard of lover boys.

"Alright, men. Please step aside and let me dance with my sister."
You laughed cheekily, smiling when they happily handed her over to you.

The guests laughed and cheered as you and your sister childishly weaves through the dance floor, her right hand on your shoulder, your left resting on her waist and your free hands intertwined together. Your feet moved quickly through the crowd, surprising those you almost bumped into but making everyone smile at the connection you two held.

Alas, even though you got the attention during times like these, in the end you had to accept they were mainly focusing on her.

She was Anastasia. You were her shadow.

The music soon dies down, you having to excuse yourself and your sister before running off to get something to eat.

"Thanks y/n."
She smiled, keeping her hand locked on yours as you shrugged your shoulders.

"Hey, you may be of age to marry but I'm still gonna be the best dance you'll get."
You laughed, her soon joining.

Life was good, it was warm and happy. As best as it could possibly get.

But winter nights sometimes tend to ruin warm plans, blowing out the heat of candles with its icy breath and freezing the bodies of those who dared venture out without enough protection from the icy touch.

That, soon being you and Anastasia.

You cried, running through the crowd of rich who battled to escape the ballroom that had not long ago been overrun by the devil and the dead.

You heard her scream, her beautiful blue eyes peeking up from the sea of adults as she reached a hand up and towards you.

Your arm extended forward, trying to reach for her helpless form as she battled the sea of terrified guests.

Feeling her fingertips brush your own, you latched onto her hand, pulling her and yourself out of the sea and into one of the many halls that lead towards the castle rooms.

You breathed out, clutching her hand and running past the countless windows where angry townspeople attempted to break in through.

The night air blew in through the windows that finally shattered open by the strength of the men, you instantly standing in front of anastasia in hopes of shielding her from danger.

You had already watched all your other siblings get taken, you weren't going to watch it again.

Fear rushed through your body, trying to think of a way to get you both out and towards safety. That's when you met him.

In the wall, a small door was swung open. A young boy who worked at the castle peeking his head through and instantly spotting you both.

You gasped.

"Y/n! Princesses! Come!"
He waved, letting your sister crawl through first.

"Thank you."
You smiled before crawling in after her.

The boy waited patiently until you were both out of sight before shutting the door, only praying that the madmen wouldn't hurt him too bad.

You cried, following close after the girl as you both made your way through the gate and out towards the town. Weaving through bushes and forest as you finally arrived at the train station where pure ruckus endured.

A loud voice boomed over the others, you and your sister instantly turning towards the train where your grandma was helplessly waving towards you.

You screamed, rushing her towards the now advancing transport.

Anastasia reaches forwards, thankfully latching onto the older woman's hands who pulled her onto the train before turning back to you.

Tears escaped your eyes, your legs burnt and aches with each movement as you tried to reach for the two females who attempted to grab you.

But it was too late.

Your vision went black and you fell to the cold cushion of snow, the distant voices of your grandmother and Anastasia being the last thing you heard before letting darkness overtake you.

It was a cold winter night. All good stories start on a cold winter night.

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