Chapter Twenty-Six: The Escape

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I took his hand and we both duck over as the bullets blast through the plant vases. "Sebastian, you came back. Where's Simon?" I asked with a frown. "You'll see him soon, but for now, we need to escape." Sebastian said as he took me by the waist and pull me towards him. A bullet pierce through one of the vase, shattering into pieces.

"Got any ideas on a good long run (y/n)? Cause it might be helpful." He asked. His eyes looking everywhere, trying to figure out a way to get out. Bullets kept interrupting my thoughts, and I didn't have a clue on where to go.

I heard Sebastian sigh and ducked down as he pulled me down with him. "(Y/n), think." He said as we slowly entered inside. We got up and I started looking around, the guns shooting out bullets was still in sight and we could still hear it but it was enough to not make me overthink.

"The only chance we got is out of my room. If we try to escape from the balcony, we'll surely be dead. We have to turn right and down the stairs to the kitchen. There's a backdoor there. Let's just hope it's not locked." I explained briefly but fast. Sebastian nod and handed me a gun.

My hands started sweating and I look at him with wide eyes. "W-what's this for?" I asked as Sebastian rolled his eyes at me. "What else, (y/n)?" He chuckled, giving me a small smile to my stupid question. Of course it's for protection.

He grabbed my hand and I shoot the doorknob. Sebastian kicked the door as it swung open. We started running, running to the right then to the left. We saw the stairs and before we could continue running, Sebastian stopped. He pulled me by my hand and told me to be quiet and ducked down.

"Fuck, they're coming this way (y/n)." Sebastian whispered. My mouth gape open and I began panicking. I looked around the room and saw a big antique vase. I pulled Sebastian and we both tried our best to fit inside. We kept our hands to our mouth to stop our heavy breathing as we heard the footsteps walking past us.

We wait for about five minutes until we finally gathered the strength to get out and seize the chance. I got out first then Sebastian second. It was cramped as hell in that hiding spot, mostly at how uncomfortable we were.

I took a peek downstairs and bit my bottom lip down. I turned to look at Sebastian "There's five men lurking around," I reported. "Two is heading to the kitchen while the other two goes to the living room and the one is guarding the area." I explained, verifying what I am seeing.

Sebastian listened intently and nod. "We have no choice but to kill the guy." He said, loading up his gun with bullets. "But it'll attract the other four." I explained with a serious tone, not wanting to get caught. "Oh no, we won't." Sebastian shook his head as he took out his cellphone, typing something on his phone. I kept a look out downstairs and in just a matter of minutes, the guy fell on the floor.

I turned to Sebastian and he smirked. "He was a guy that I've put a chip on." He explained and took my wrist and began moving, we quickly went inside the kitchen and locked the door. The two men inside looked at us and I held my gun tightly as Sebastian looked collected as ever. "Madame Ainsley, you should not be here!" One of them said.

"Do not call me Madame Ainsley." I growled. Hearing those words made my nervousness turn into annoyance as I pointed at the man with my gun and shot. It pierce through his shoulder, making him growl in pain.

I stepped back, suddenly realising what I had done. But I knew better than to act surprise. I needed to act fast, think fast. Sebastian lunged at the injured man as I took care of the other one. I shot again, this time the man dodged it.

"Madame Ainsley, I cannot hurt you. Just please surrender, I do not want any trouble!" He plea as if that would work. "I told you not to call me that!" I bit my bottom lip down and fired. The man dodged again and began running towards me. I ran to the counter as Sebastian was busy fighting the other guy.

He was on top of the guy, punching him until he becomes unconscious, while I was at the counter. The man was in front of me and I fired again, only shooting the wall behind him. I fired multiple times, and it finally hit his chest.

He grunt in pain, as if that was nothing to him. But I knew that pain was written on his face. He ran towards me and just when I pulled the trigger, no bullets came out. I tried again and there was none. I began panicking, I didn't know what to do. Sebastian looked back at me and he suddenly got punched in the face as he fell back.

I looked at the man and he held onto my wrist. I cursed under my breath, suddenly feeling that same thing I felt before. Fear. But I did not let myself be blinded by it, as much as I can that is.

I saw a covert listening device on his ear as he was about to push a little button, I took his wrist and gripped on it tightly as I kicked hit at his crotch. His hand on me was let loose and I took the chance and kicked him in the chest, making him step backwards and fall at the floor. He grunt in pain, the injury on his chest making it hard for him to stand up.

I took the microphone device from his ear and threw it on the floor as I stepped on it, the little device shattering into pieces. I took a pan from behind and smacked it on the man's hand, making him finally unconscious.

I looked at Sebastian as he struggled from the man's grip on the floor. And before he could take the gun, I smacked the pan on his hand and took the gun and fired, the bullet going through his back. He fell on top of Sebastian as I heard the other man who I made unconscious grunting in pain, finally awoke. I aimed it at his head and shot him dead.

Sebastian panted for air and kicked away the dead body as I helped him got up. He looked at the two dead man and smiled at me as he gave me a high-five. "Nice job, (y/n)." He complimented and I smiled and chuckled. And just then, someone began to pound on the door, demanding for us to come out or they will shoot.

"We got no time to lose, let's get out of here." I stated as I shot the doorknob of the backdoor open. It swung open and the both of us got out, running away from the mansion. "Got plans on where to go?" I asked while running, losing my breath. Sebastian took out his phone from his pockets and called. "We're here." He only said 2 words and ended the call, ignoring my questions and just kept running.

Suddenly, a helicopter began to come into view. As it got closer, Sebastian stopped running and held onto my shoulder, making me stop running. The helicopter stopped above us and a ladder was thrown down for us as we could hear running footsteps behind us getting closer.

I took no time and jumped to boost myself up and gripped onto the ladder as I climbed myself to the helicopter. A girl with brown hair that was tied in a bun and had a uniform of an army helped me up as I met with her turquoise blue eyes. I panted for air as Sebastian was helped up by the unknown lady. And before I knew it, I passed out as darkness crowded my vision.

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