Chapter 19

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The next morning Kat lay in bed gazing at the roof of the canopy, not thinking about anything in particular. Eric walked out from behind the screen fully dressed. He furrowed his brows as tied up his neck kerchief and watched Kat.

"Are you going to get dressed? Breakfast is ready, and we are leaving after that."

Kat shook her head as if she was not really paying attention, her thoughts were racing. She was grateful that after the whole debacle of last night that Eric had not invaded her privacy, he seemed to know that it was not his business. She was so embarrassed that she had gotten emotional over such a tiny issue and it would be even more embarrassing if he knew.

"I am too ashamed to show my face."

Eric chuckled and raised his eyebrows as if he knew how she was feeling, he shrugged his coat onto his shoulders.

"Shall I tell my cousins that you are feeling ill from overindulging on wine last night?"

Kat sat up and smiled gratefully.

"Yes please!"

She jumped out of bed and kissed him on the cheek before jumping back into her bed, not noticing her husbands red face with her back turned to him.

The carriage ride home was no eventful but Kat could not complain. She occupied herself with a book that she paid little attention to as she couldn't help herself but to look at Eric every moment she could. Thankfully he never caught her but she did catch hi and she smiled mischievously as he looked out the window sheepishly with a pink face.

As the sun began to set, Kat began to tire of the endless travelling and she was relieved when she saw London looming in the distance. As they rode through the streets of the city, Kat felt herself dozing off before all of a sudden the carriage stopped and a familiar shrill voice jerked her out of her sleep. Eric laughed at her as she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Oh they're here! They're here!"
Exclaimed Lady Abigail, a little over excited. A small gathering of people crowded the doorway consisting of the two families. The carriage door was pulled open by Johnathan who beamed at her.

"It's good to have you back home,  sister."
He held out his hand for her to take as she stepped onto the pavement. She looked up at the large townhouse that was to be her new home in awe, it was bigger than any home she had ever seen. When she had come here for dinner all those months ago it was too dark for her to see how big it really was and she was pretty sure that in the future she had seen it as an apartment complex.

Kat felt two arms take her own and pull her into the house. She saw Adelaide and Eleanor excitedly pull her up the stairs and in front of a door and they gave each other side looks before trying to calm down.

"We moved all your things into your new room and we decorated a bit more. "
Said Eleanor.

"We hope you like it!"
Exclaimed Adelaide who looked as if she was about to jump up and down from excitement. They pulled open the door and revealed her room. The canopy bed in the center was bigger than any she had seen, two large windows on either side that looked into a lovely park on the other side of the road with a large lake only just noticeable in the darkness. There was an unfinished painting sitting on an easel in one corner of the room that Kat recognised as her own and paint supplies on a small table next to it. Q large screen divider was in the other corner and behind it was a large ceramic bathtub.

"Mother was absolutely scandalized when we picked this out for you instead of your normal portable metal tub."
Adelaide giggled.

"Yes she was positively fuming!"
Agreed Eleanor before scrunching up her face and making her voice higher to imitate her mother in law.

"I will not have a daughter of mine bathing like some common french mistress!"
The three girls burst out laughing and Adelaide shrugged her shoulders.

"Well they do seem to have all the fun so I dont see why not."
They all laughed again before moving on. Kat furrowed her brows.

"What's wrong,  do you not like it?"
Eleanor looked worried but Kat smiled.

"No I love it but if my things take up all the space where shall Eric's things go?"

Eleanor and Adelaide motioned towards a door in the middle of the left wall.
"In here."

They opened the door to reveal a room that was just as large and just as sumptuously decorated but with more masculine motifs instead of the feminine floral in Kats room. She turned towards the two girls with surprise on her face.

"Separate rooms?"

"Yes of course!"
Exclaimed Eleanor.
"Have you gotten so accustomed to married life that the thought of your own room isn't fathomable?"
A mischievous smirk on her round face. Kat shook her head in embarrassment.

"Speaking of which..."
Said Adelaide, tilting her head coyly.
"How is married life for you?"

Kat froze, her face reddening before plastering on a smile.
"It's fine."


Kat breathed in shakily and she raised a hand to knock on the small green front door. A maid answered it, she was not expecting this as she didn't realize the household could afford one.

"Hello how can I help ma'am?"

Kat cleared her throat.

"Yes, Lady Hartfeild for Miss Jane Austen?"

The maid nodded and she was escorted to a small parlor with a window that went out to the street where she waited to be greeted. Soon the door opened and Jane Austen was announced by the maid. Kat smiled awkwardly as they greeted each other and sat down.

"How do you-"

"I was hoping-"

They both began to speak at the same time the stopped to let the other speak. They laughed and Kat gestured to let Jane speak.

"I was going to call on you when you returned but I see you beat me to it." She smiled kindly. 

"I need to know how you know about my stories." Her smile faded and she looked concerned when Kat looked down at her hands nervously and swallowed.

"I dont know if I can."

Kat whispered but she shook her head when she saw Jane's face fall and look panicked.

"Well then I shall tell you but you must promise not to laugh at me."

Jane nodded seriously. Kat sighed again, shakily.

"I am from the future. My name is Kat Jones. I was born in the year 2001 and the year I am coming from is 2019. I fell asleep whilst reading one of your books and woke up here."

Kat waited for the outrage, she waited to be kicked out of the house and called a fool but instead Jane's mouth fell open and her expression was full of curiousity.

"Please tell me more."

She whispered in awe.

Just a question for you readers, do you think Kat is overreacting over not having a closer relationship with Eric?

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