Chapter TWO

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We laid entangled in the bed linens on some kind of euphoric high. The neighbors probably hate us by now. He was lying down in the opposite direction, delicately running his fingers up in down my inner left thigh; his touch remains electrifying.

"I never asked you how your trip was," I said lazily.

He took a deep breath, mustering up whatever strength he could to speak. "It was pretty dope. We finished this song called Cold Hearted. It has a sexy vibe to it. And I challenged myself more vocally on it so it just- it sounds amazing, baby. I can't wait for you to hear it."

"Me neither."

"We might even do a tour with Shawn. He's gaining a bit of a following, too," he added.

"Don't tell Matt that," I laughed. "He'll be super jealous. He's already bummed you guys have more followers than him."

Jack just laughed and then it faded. The silence lingered on and I realized he knocked out. I moved so we slept in the same direction and put the sheet over us, falling asleep myself.

. . .

"Wow, some of your fans are mega crazy," I told him as I scrolled through Instagram. "Johnson took a picture with a random fan and there's girls who pretty much want her head on a spike."

"And that is why I won't post you on there. We're not allowed to talk to females, babe. Like it's crazy."

"I love being a secret," I sarcastically replied.

Jack rolled over and hugged me. "But you're my secret. That comes with special territory." He kissed down my shoulder as I laid on my stomach. Jack's phone rings and he groans. "What now?"

Hello?...What, dude?...I'm with Lauren right now, what's up?...Wh- are you serious?

He suddenly starts jumping up and down.

Yeah, I'll be right over. Can I bring her?...Alright man, see you soon.

I looked at him as he paced in joy; waiting for him to tell me what's going on. He kneeled onto the bed and grabbed my face, kissing me passionately.

"We officially have a manager and he already has a 5-year success plan laid out. We're leaving for Johnson's in half an hour so get dressed."

I couldn't believe it. Their dreams were coming true and I was over the moon. I didn't even have time to think of a perfect ensemble, so I threw on a casual cotton blue dress with a grey cardigan that I usually wear to the mall.

. . .

We sat at the oak table smack dab in the middle of Jack Johnson's large dining room. A man with an intense look in his eye and a sleek black suit, sat across from us with his Macbook, typing away at something. He went by the name Christian DelGrosso.

"So," Christian cleared his throat. "This is what I see. A nationwide tour, not too big, not too small. I'm thinking you guys perform about 6 songs and Shawn performs 6 songs. Then we'll tend to our VIP's and have a meet & greet session. Sign some posters, shirts, stomachs, breasts, what have you."

I shifted in my seat at that last suggestion and felt Jack squeeze my leg.

"Then," Christian loudly continued. "Take some pictures with the fans, hug them, kiss em on the cheek, tell 'em they're beautiful. Whatever floats your God-given boat. They pay, you deliver, your popularity and music continue to skyrocket. Then we all get a happy pay day." He smiles and leans back in his chair.

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