Gilinsky looked at Johnson with uncertainty but Johnson nodded.

"He's legit," Johnson said. "My uncle's a lawyer, already checked his credentials. He worked with that Madison Beer chick."

"Who the hell is Madison Beer?" I asked genuinely.

Gilinsky points to me and looks at Johnson with a see-what-I-mean look on his face.

"She works with Justin Bieber," Johnson informed us.

"Might I add," Christian chimed in. "I've also worked with Little Mix for a short time."

"A short time?" Gilinsky's eyebrow raised. Always gave me chills when he did that.

"You give me the word, I'll book the first five cities & get transportation going. I know many people. You kids are the future. I know this will be a success. Picture the billboards - pop/rap duo Jack and Jack, debut album reaching gold. And one day? Platinum."

"I see it, man," Johnson said.

Gilinsky looked at Christian like he was crazy but soon gave in and shrugged. "Let's do it."

An hour later, Johnson's uncle showed up and went through the contracts they had to sign. I held Gilinsky's hand as he signed on to his future.

. . .

A 24-city tour over the course of 2 months. 

I was bittersweet about this whole thing. I'm not going to stand in the way of dreams & life goals but the love of my life is going out there on the road with a bunch of guys to tend to a bunch of screaming girls.

"They don't hold a candle to you, you know that," Jack said as he kept kissing my hand. I watched as he packed, snapping photos of him without his shirt on. "What are you doing?" He chuckled.

"I need something for the lonely nights," I smiled.

"Yeah? I wish I didn't have to leave tonight. I'd give you something to remember me by." He winked. "We'll talk everyday and video chat when I can."

"You're gonna be all famous now and forget about us little people," I looked up at him with sad puppy dog eyes.

He paused in a deep thought. "Come on the road with us."

I laughed even though he was serious. "I have school, remember? Finals week on the horizon."

He sighed. "Yeah I guess you're right."

After he finished packing, he threw on his OBEY hoodie, his black jeans & black Vans. We hugged deeply and I automatically teared up, knowing I was going to miss these hugs for a while.

. . .

Jack's POV

The more I didn't think about it, the less sad I was. I know school is important & everything but I needed her by my side. The tour was off to a good start. There was a lot of horseplay on the bus with the guys, of course; Nerf wars and pranking each other while sleeping. I even warmed up to Christian, he turned out to be pretty cool. 

Sammy had also joined us on tour. Girls had seen him in our videos and decided to raid all of his profiles. If I had a dollar for everytime a girl told all 3 of us to sleep with them...I'd be rich. Christian said Sammy had to have some sort of act & not just be there for show. I suggested he play a little guitar. Luckily one of the guys from the crew lets him use it on stage sometimes.

Our first show was in Omaha per my request. I got to have dinner with family who I haven't seen in a while and rode go-carts with my cousins. As soon as I put that on Instagram, I was flooded with messages like 'OMG SO HOT' & 'FUCK ME SENSELESS GILINSKY'. It was flattering but it felt more violating. 

Sammy was enjoying it, though. He teases the girls on purpose. When we brought him out on stage, he did plenty of shirtless body rolls and challenged me by telling the girls to scream loudest for whoever should win. It was a tie. All Johnson could do was shake his head. He's never cared about being a sort of sex symbol, he was all about the music. I was too, but his heart & soul was deeply into it. He was at his best when in the booth.

"There's my girl," I said as Lauren popped up on Facetime. "What's goin' on?"

"Just finished my lovely Lean Cuisine. How's it been out there?"

"Crazy," I rubbed my face, seeing I looked exhausted. "The crowd was wild, baby. Wish you could've seen it."

"Yeah I kind of already saw it. Photos you're tagged to on Instagram. You guys brought girls on stage, huh?"

"Christian's idea," I made sure to state.

She nodded her head and raised her eyebrow.

"And I didn't know that fan was gonna touch my chest," I added.

"Don't worry," she laughed. She sounded so sexy that it ached inside to hear. "She looks like she's 12, I'll find a way to overcome the jealousy."

I chuckled. "The only thing I'd let a 12 year old do to me is paint an animal on my face."

. . .

The next stop was in Philadelphia and again the turnout was awesome. Almost every city was sold out to begin with. Every song I sang, I kept Lauren on my mind. Just knowing she's back at home safe and sound made me happy, even though I wish I were next to her.

When it was time for the VIP meet & greet, three girls stood out and I can't deny they were all beautiful. But I still treated them like every other fan. Their names were Anna, Brynn, & Kelly. Sammy was getting a lot of love as predicted and he was up to his idiot ways again. Near the end of the meet & greet, I saw the three girls again plus 2 more. This time, they were trailing behind Sammy who looked like he was up to no good. 

"Looks like we're having an after party, boys," Sammy says, wiggling his eyebrows.

"I'm too tired for an after party bro," I lied.

"As a newly single man, I need an after party. Toughen up," Sammy suggested.

I shook my head and abruptly left the meet & greet 10 minutes before it was supposed to end. I needed to take a walk but there wasn't many places to do that outside with teenage girls lingering around the venue. I'd probably get mobbed to death; hands reaching and ripping at my clothes, I didn't wanna deal with it. My fans mean a lot to me, but I like them more when they're civilized.

After a while of pacing backstage, I decided to just sit in the rental SUV with our driver, Kenneth. He said it was cool but not to mind him while he was on the phone with his wife. I tried calling Lauren but got no answer. So I texted her.

ME: Hope finals went well. You're probs sleeping like a baby. Love you forever.

It wasn't long before the car door opened and the deafening silence was now met with a roar of voices. Sammy and Jack loaded into the car with the 5 girls. They pretty much all fit into the car except one girl who Sammy welcomed to sit on his lap. The girl with the long blonde hair, Anna, sat next to me. She kept glancing at me but I didn't glance back, I kept my eyes glued to my phone, praying Lauren woke up and called me back. I wondered what the rest of the night would entail; one hotel room, us 3 guys, a bunch of girls, and most likely some illegal substances. But I loved Lauren enough to make sure she could trust me. And I trust myself.


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