Chapter 08 - Confidence boost✔

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Violet's eyes changed their color to a deep red, which Mina saw. Masha stood up from her seat and went over to Violet. She kneeled before her and kissed the top of her hand, like Vlad did.

"It is an honor to be in your presence, princess." Masha said meeting Violet's burning red gaze.

Violet was now sure that Vlad's family were russians. They both had a clear and defined accent.

"Svetlana!" Vlad's voice broke their kissing game. "Show respect!"

Svetlana dully looked over. Egor's face followed and his eyes widened at Violet. He stood up, pushing Svetlana off of him.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, walking over to the brunette.

Violet didn't answer, she just stared at Svetlana. Egor caught Violet's wrist, but quickly let go. Her skin burned him. Violet looked up at him, meeting his eyes. Egor was watching the most blood thirsty eyes in his life. Her gaze went back to a very angry Svetlana.

"What's the deal Egor?" She asked.

"Svetlana! Show respect to your princess!" Vlad yelled.

"Why should I? This little girl is nothing compared to me!" Svetlana yelled back.

The whole room went silent, even the vampires in the other room. Luca moved to get up, but Violet stopped him.

"Kneel." Violet simply said.

Svetlana smiled up at her.


Vlad was filled with rage. Violet narrowed her eyes towards the blonde girl in front of her. Her short dark blue dress barely covered her ass and boobs. Violet always wondered what girls get by showing off their cleavage. It was her pride and joy to make fun of girls like this.


Svetlana's body moved by itself and she kneeled down. Violet stood up and went over to the struggling blonde.

Mina saw something in Violet's stance. She was more confident and daring. Violet was changing, for Lucifer's sake. She just didn't know it yet.

Violet stopped right in front of the vampire and smoothly ran her finger down her arm, making it burn with a passion, leaving rotted skin there. Svetlana screamed for her life.

"Next time, make it easy and just kneel." Violet said.

She then turned towards Egor and smiled sweetly. One of the vampires in the room took him by the arm and lead him out.

"Luca, why did you really bring me here?" Violet asked sternly.

For some reason Luca felt really embarrassed by her words.

"I'm caught... I wanted you to meet Vlad, because he can help you with your revenge plan..." He said patting his lap.

"Oh, and how can Vlad help me?" Violet made her way back to Luca's comforting embrace.

She put both of her legs over his and her arms around his neck. Luca gulped.

"Well, Vlad owns half of the city. He can get your victims alone..." Luca was feeling very dizzy from Violet's heated red gaze.

"Hmm, that's interesting to know." She said smirking.

Mina looked over at Svetlana, who passed out from the pain. She then looked back at Luca, and caught his gaze drifting. She saw lust in his eyes and sighed. That earned Luca's attention, to which she just glared at him.

He knew they needed to talk. Now.


"Luca we need to set the plan in motion." Mina whispered.

"I know, I know." Luca answered.

The two were standing in a darker corner of the room, watching Violet closely and having a heated conversation.

"She's adapting to her powers pretty fast. Soon she'll be stronger and harder to handle. She'll be like..." Mina looked over at Masha and Violet.

They were having a much more interesting time as Masha showed Violet different ways to torture a human.

"She'll be like his highness. I know. But I'm afraid we can't stop it anymore Mina." Luca sighed.

"Then what do we do? We can't just wait for her damn horns to grow out!" Mina whisper screamed at Luca.

"What am I supposed to do Mina? We are just guardians. We are here to protect her not lock her up in a basement!" He snapped back at the green eyed girl.

They both sighed and looked over at Violet. She was slowly changing for the better, but that did not mean hardships wouldn't await her. In fact, one was already here and he was very worried for his little metalhead.


Egor was stunned by the sight of his little socially awkward metalhead making a vampire scream for her life.

He hid behind a tree and growled. His whole body shook and his bones snapped. His clothes got shredded as a huge midnight black wolf stood there.

The wolf had dark purple eyes which was unusual for a werewolf. He ran in the direction of his pack house. He ran inside facing four other men in the living room.

Egor went up stair to his bedroom and shifted back to human form. He pulled out a pair of boxers and sweats and put them on.

His heart ached at the sight of the picture frame on his night stand. In that black frame stood a picture of him and Violet from four years back. It was the day they met. He smiled at it and went down stairs to his pack members.

"Egor, what's wrong?" A man with stunning deep blue eyes asked.

"We have a problem..." Egor croaked sadly.

"We know. The siren informed us before 'it' went into the club." Another man with blonde hair and a british accent said.

"For fucks sake Andrew! Her name is Diana. Let me spell it out for you, D-I-A-N-A, Diana!" A man with dark skin yelled at Andrew.

"Oh shut it Bogdan!" Andrew yelled back, while Bogdan huffed.

"That's enough boys! Now Egor, did you find out something?" The blue eyed man said.

"Sort of. The vamp chick only told me their princess is coming and that I shouldn't pay attention to her. She said she was chosen by the Devil himself..." Egor said taking a seat next to Bogdan on the couch.

"Chosen for what?" Andrew quirked his brow.

"I don't know..." Egor shrugged.

"What are we supposed to do now Alpha Oliver?" Bogdan asked.

The blue eyed man sighed and shook his head.

"For now we wait." He answered simply.

"Wait for what?" Andrew asked.

"We wait for our Beta to come home. And then we shall decide what to do." Oliver said.

The three boys nodded. Egor purposely left out the part that this supposed 'princess' was Violet. The girl he liked and thought was his mate. He did not expect Violet to be so.... so confident and daring. He was really worried for her and decided in his head that he will find out what's going on and stop it.

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