Chapter 7

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I didn't get any sleep last night. I was busy taking care of some business...

After Tris falls asleep, I carefully untangle myself from her to get out of bed. I walk straight out the door and lock it behind me. I know just were I'm headed.

I don't bother knocking on the door, I just knock it down. He is asleep, but he will pay for his actions. I walk up to his hospital bed to see the bloody bandage wrapped around his one eye.

I get down to his level and hiss his name, "peter." He wakes up casually I but recoils when he sees me. I know I've already done enough damage to him, but I needed something to take my anger out on. I punched him square in the jaw and kicked him in the ribs till I heard multiple cracks.

He punches back, which caught me by surprise, and he got in a good upper cut to my jawbone. He took my surprised state to advantage and kicked my legs out from under me, making my head hit the table. After that, he only got in one good kick to the side before I stood up and left him there.

Now I look over to see Tris turning towards me and snuggling into me.
"Hey beautiful," I whisper to her. "Morning handsom," she says as she blushes and untangles herself to get out of bed. Only then does she notice the bruise on my jaw.

As I stand up, I notice something. Tobias has a huge purple-blue bruise on his jaw that wasn't there when I fell asleep last night. I tell him to sit up in the bed and run to grab an ice pack. Then, I sit next to him on the bed and hold the pack up to his jawbone.

"What happened to you!?" I exclaim at him. I wonder if he has any other injuries he's not telling me about.

"Nothing, I just went and beat up Peter some more. He caught me by surprise though and fought back." he places his hand over mine on the ice pack and I sigh.

"Take off your shirt," I say as I blush, "I need to check for further damage."

"Are you asking me to undress, Tris?" (A/N: Disclaimer)

"This is not time for joking around, now com'on!" He slips off his shirt in one swift motion. I feel myself looking over his chest and abs... I hear Tobias chuckle and say, "You like what you see?" I blush even more than before now. Then I notice the bruises on the one side of his body.

"Oh, Tobias, your ribs..." I touch them and he winces. I get closer to him and wrap my legs around his waist to be able to hold the ice pack to his ribs.

"Tris," he starts, "don't worry, I'll be fine. now let's get some breakfast." and after a lot of arguing, I finally agreed. but, he said that I was allowed to stand next to his bruised side and keep his arm around my waist so that nobody accidentally bumped into his ribs.

He walks into the cafeteria with his head held high, but I can feel his muscles tense in pain with each step. We finally reach our table and I sit between him and Christina while he sits between me and Zeke. As soon as we sit, I take his hand under table and he brings them to rest on his thigh. "I'm taking you to see how bad those ribs are at the doctor after this," I whisper to him. he jut sighs and nods his head.

*Disclaimer: Veromica Roth
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