Day Eleven

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Top 5 fav books-

I don't really read books that often. But I can tell u my fav Wattpad books rn.

1. "There's A Boy In My Bed". By Youroffputting

2. "Bi Pride From A Lonely Bisexual". By BucketOfCrumpet

3. "Yandere Simulator: Yaoi Version". By ShihoFujioka

4. "Miraculously Trapped". By Rose_Lizzzy

5. "The Star". By V4Books

And basically any fanfic of a fandom I'm in or any fanfic that involved anything rometly. LGBT.



"Memes". By once-upon-a-star

"Love Sucks". By Rosa_Luna

"My Crush On The Cheerleader" and "My Crush On The Football Player". Both by WildcatData06

I could go on and on but don't wanna keep u guys here longer then needed Soo.


Hope u have a nice day/afternoon/night

See y'all tommorw!

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