Forgein Exchange Campers

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The main quadrette and the camp counselors stood outside the mess hall as Nikki literally panted like a dog.
"I can't take this heat anymore!" Nikki whined as she fanned herself with her hands, " My skin is MELTING!"
"That's called perspiration," Neil told her before tugging at his caler, "and it's unbefitting of a scientist."
"Uuuuuuggggghhhh, damn you, abnormally long and thick hair." Mal moaned, pulling the sweat matted hair out of her face and off the back of her neck in order to allow even a little bit of air to reach her skin.
"This is the worst." Max agreed, wiping his brow, "It's way too hot to be standing out here."
"The only thing I'm hot for is another exciting day at camp!" David cut in.
"I was wrong. NOW it's the worst."
"And the reason we're all waiting out here is because we've got super special guests coming to visit!"
"Before any of you get too excited," Gwen cut in, "It's just some brand-new campers that we don't have room for because David FORGOT we signed up for a Forgien Exchange Program. And we're totally not half assign this greeting or anything."
"Well I'm not gonna let something silly like being unprepared stop us from giving them a proper americain welcome!" David piped up.
"And really, what's more Americain than that?" Max smirked earring a laugh from his twin.
Just then the bus rolled up and the doors opened.
"Foreign kids are here." Quartermaster announced.
"Everyone," David said, pulling out a clipboard and beginning to read off of it, "Let's give a patriotic welcome to: Vera from Russia."
As he said this, a white haired girl in Russian scout attire hopped off the bus and crossed her arms behind her back.
"Dang from Thailand."
A slightly shorter Asian boy with tan skin, wearing more casual clothes, jumped down next to Vera.
"And from the "Esteemed and Glorious, Better Than All Others, And Benevolently Blessed but the..." David trailed off for a moment, "Um, from North Korea, Hwan!"
A stout boy decked out in what was basically a military uniform stepped down with his back straight and arms at his sides.
"Oh, and also, Brian."
Everyone's attention turned to a skinny Asian boy with straight black hair and casual clothes at the end of the bus.
"Hey." Brain greeted with a raised han and no smile.
"We're very much excite to be in attendance of the camp of Camron Campbell." Vera spoke in a Russian accent.
"He is legend." Hwan continued, "Even in my superior republic."
"Where is he so we can meet him?" Dang added at the end.
David got a little nervous and stuttered before answering.
"Um, well, he had to go away for a while."
"He's in jail." Gwen clarified, much to David's displeasure.
The forgein kids gasped in unison.
"What!" Vera exclaimed, "This cause us much distress."
Nurf walked over to Brian and Mal immediately went to stop him but Max grabbed her arm.
"Hold on." Max told her.
"HELLO. I AM NURF." The bully spoke loud and slowly as if he were trying to make it easier for Brian to understand him.
"Oh. I'm Brian. He just said my name a second ago."
Mal sighed in relief that Nurf wasn't on a mission to torment the new kid as Max let out a snort.
"Please don't ruin this for me." He whispered to his twin.
Mal sighed as she tried to bite back her laughter.
"Alright. But only 'cuz it's kinda funny to watch."
Max whispered a small "Yesssss" and the two of them continued to listen to the back and forth between Nurf and Brian.
"What? No I-"
"Kentucky." Brian responded, "I think they mixed up my paperwork actually."
"Like north Kentucky?" Nurf asked, quieting down a bit, "The one with the fat dictator guy?"
"THE GREAT LEADER IS IN IMPECCABLE SHAPE!" Hwan insisted, pointing a finger at Nurf.
Max, Niki, Neil, and Mal all just stared for a moment.
"... Yeah," Neil said, breaking the short silence, "On that note, we're gonna head... somewhere else."
"If that some where's the activities field, because we've got a full day of fun ahead!" David said.
Three out of the four of them groaned as Mal just let out another small sigh before they all turned around to follow David.
The target was cut in half as the forgein kids threw an ax out of nowhere and decimated it.
"Dang, Dang." Nikki said in awe.
"Holy shit. These guys have crushed every activity so far." Max added.
"That was incredible!" Mal said, walking up for her turn.
"Why thank you." Dang said, handing her his bow.
Mal flinched a little at her words being heard by this new comer and shakily took the bow.
"Uh... think you can teach me how to do that?" She asked, trying to engage in conversation a bit, "My aim's always been a little off."
"Of course!"
He took Mal's hands in his own and guided them into the right position.
"Woah, what the fuck does he think he's doing?" Max said.
He began glaring daggers at the back of Dang's head as he continued to give Mal instructions and adjust her position.
"Calm down, Max, he's just showing her how to kick butt like they did!" Nikki said.
"He's touching my sister! Who told him he was allowed to touch my sister!? No one! That's who!"
The other camper's slowly edged away as Neil began to try to calm the boy down.
"Now what you want to do is aim just above the target." Dang explained.
"Like this?" Mal asked, shifting her arms a bit.
"Very good." Vera said with an approving nod.
"Now pull back slightly more so that the string is touching your cheek." Hwan added.
Mal did accordingly and took the shot.
"Yes!" Mal cheered.
"Great job, Mal!" David congratulated, "Now who's up next?!"
Mal and the forgein kids moved to the side and continued to talk.
"May I ask you slightly personally question?" Vera asked.
"Uh... I guess? I won't answer it if I'm uncomfortable with it though." Mal said, slightly apologetically.
"Fair enough." Vera shrugged, "Where is your family from?"
"Oh! My family's mostly Hindu."
"Ah, so you hail from Asia like Dang and myself." Hwan said.
"Kinda." Mal shrugged, "I mean my parents moved here before I was born and me and my brother were raised here so we're technically Americain, but most of our family is from India."
"Hm." They hummed in thought.
"Alright everyone!" David called, "It's time for our last activity: a scavenger hunt! And to spice it up with a little friendly competition, we're adding a special prize for the winners! It'll be just like the olympics!"
"A prize?" Hwan asked with a glint in his eye, "I hope it is something I can bring back to the great leader!"
"Yes! Perhaps a trophy or enriched uranium!" Dang added.
"I wouldn't get my hopes up." Max interjected, standing beside Mal and dropping an arm across her shoulder's protectively, "The reward's gonna be something stupid like the value of teamwork or some other bullshit that America shoves on you to make you feel good about wasting your life." He began to pull Mal away from them as he said this, "But here's a secret! The American dream is dead."
"The winners get ice cream!" David announced.
"What the fuck!?" The twins exclaimed in unison.
"We've had ice cream!?" Max continued.
"By Orion's crease I'll devour that sweet treat!" Nerris said.
"Let me at it!" Nikki shouted.
"We've been saving it for a special occasion." Gwen said, "The expiration date."
"Which was yesterday!" David added.
"Now I know those exchange kids have dominated literally every other activity." Neil said, "But no one know's this camp better than the four of us!"
"Yeah! We'll be the underdog story of our generation!" Nikki agreed, "Like the Miracle on Ice or Air Bud!"
"For the scavenger hunt, we're going to be doing things a bit differently. Let's split up into teams of four." David said, "Go ahead and divide into your teams."
"Well, looks like our team's good to go." Mal said.
The four of them went over to collect their list but David stopped them.
"Actually, Mal, I'd like you to be in a team with our new kids."
Max's eyes nearly popped out of his head.
"What!? Why!?" He asked, absentmindedly grabbing Mal's hand.
Mal, Nikki, and Neil all wore expressions like they wanted to ask the same thing.
"Guys, it's not fair for the forgein kids to be sent off on their own when they've never been here before." Gwen explained, "Mal knows this place and she already gets along with them pretty well. It's just what's most fair."
Max sputtered to form a coherent sentence but Hwan beat him to it.
"Friend Mal!" The short boy called as him and his friends walked over, "We have acquired the list."
"Should we be off?" Dang asked.
Max looked at his sister, expecting her to say something along the lines of "oh, sorry guys but I really wanna be in a group with my brother (I mean friends)". But instead:
"Uh... yeah, I guess so."
"WHAT!?" He yelled again, along with Neil and Nikki as she began to walk over to them.
"I'm sorry guys." She said, turning to them with an apologetic look, "Gwen and David are right, I have to help them. I promise if we win I'll sneak you some ice cream?"

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