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(k. bakugou / second year)

Bakugou doesn't like Todoroki. It's a known fact by now, like grass is green and Deku's a dumbass, but he still makes it a point to never shut up about it.

He has to admit, though, that Half and Half is probably fourth on his top ten worst people to spend a day with, which isn't that bad, all things considering. The bastard had, after all, helped him in many ways that Katsuki would never admit for the life of him, even if he was on his deathbed. That's just how he is, after all.

Even so, Bakugou has no goddamn idea why the fuck the Canadian Flag had to tag along with him and Shitty Hair on the way to class. When he voices this thought out loud, he's met with a "Midoriya is busy," and "C'mon, man, I like lil Todo over here!" from the two pain-in-the-asses.

"You can stand to walk alone, you know. You have other...friends," Katsuki growls, exasperatedly sighing as Todoroki leans in closer and has the nerve to talk back.

"I thought we were friends, though." The bitch says back, in a completely monotone voice that makes the blond want to punch him in his stupidly pretty face. Before he can deny this, his reluctantly admitted 'best friend' pipes up.

"Aww, Bakubro has made a friend!" Kirishima lights up, saluting Todoroki and squeezing the living daylights out of Bakugou with his suffocating hug. "Salutations to you, Todo. I know it can be hard dealing with someone like him—"

"Bitch—what the fuck do you mean 'someone like me?'"

"—But I give you my blessings and I wish you the best of luck on this difficult journey." The redhead holds his hand out for a fist bump, and Shouto only looks mildly confused for a quick second before nodding his head and walking into the classroom.

Katsuki really does need new friends.

It's 9PM, well past his bedtime (he ignores Kaminari's cries of "old man!" in favor of exploding the other blond's face), but instead of sleeping he's relunctantly shoved in a weird dogpile hybrid in the commons while a romcom plays. The dorms are otherwise dark and silent, the only sounds being the obnoxious chewing from Kirishima and crying from Ashido. All in all, it's a pretty normal Bakusquad movie night.

Then the scene changes, and the lead role (Bakugou honestly forgot his name at this point. He much rather prefers thriller and action) pins the woman on the bed as the music fades away in the background. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Sero suppress a faint groan while Kaminari ogles at the nude girl. To reiterate, he really does need better friends.

The ambiance in the scene is a hot pink, much like the color of Ashido's cheeks as she too stares at the female character. If Bakugou squints hard enough, he can faintly see actual hearts floating around the acid-user's body.

"Horns, stop being horny on main." Katsuki drawls, earning a satisfying sputter from the person in question.

"I'm not horny! I'm just...appreciating the view," Ashido huffs, "Just pay attention to the movie, not me being very attracted to Zendaya." Bakugou sighs internally, but turns to face the screen anyway. When did he get so goddamn compliant?

After two minutes into the really drawn-out poor excuse of witty banter, the clothes are finally shed and the sex starts. Kirishima is practically inhaling popcorn in order to avoid the scene, Sero is just watching and cringing like a normal person, and Kaninari and Ashido are practically drooling.

He, on the other hand, is confused.

Because Katsuki has never really given a shit about sexualities and love and friendships and identity, since all he cared about was being the best. Now, though, he's starting to question every fundamental truth from his childhood.

Because Katsuki Bakugou may be Aizawa's number one pain in the ass, but he is no liar. And he knows, with every ounce of honesty, that he wants to be the woman in that scene, if only to be under the influence of a man.

It's a stunning realization. Katsuki's poker face is immaculate, so he just lays there, contentedly having a sexuality crisis in the middle of a sex scene on a Tuesday night, while his friends are none the wiser.

It begins with a trip to Recovery Girl. He protests, obviously, but his half-hearted complaints fall on deaf ears as Aizawa sends him away.

("Oh fuck off, it's nothing I can't handle!" Bakugou refuses to admit that he's pouting like a stubborn toddler, and he blocks out the cooing from Round Cheeks and Raccoon Eyes at his frankly childish face. "Your arm is completely shot to hell, Problem Child. Nobody is going to think you're weak for actually talking care of yourself." Bakugou tries to not let the older man have the satisfaction of being right, but by Aizawa's fond gaze on him, he knows he failed.)

Ignoring the concerned stares of his classmates, he drags himself towards the exit of the training grounds. It's just a little bit humiliating.

As he stalks through the desolate hallways, his feet on autopilot, his mind wanders off into the forbidden corner he calls his "Am I fucking gay or what" space, and his cheeks heat up as he realizes that he's starting to think of that one pool day where all the boys were shirtless and looked fucking hot. He can feel the tips of his ears turning redder than Kirishima's obnoxious hair dye, and he instinctively snaps the rubber band around his wrist three times to calm down.

Thankfully, the building is as empty as his house is during the holidays. It's his one saving grace that keeps him from falling to an all new low of public embarrassment.

As he nears Recovery Girl's door, he pauses to slap his cheeks a couple of times to regain composure before walking in, hearing the old lady's nagging voice before actually seeing her face.

"What did you do again, young man? I told you a couple days ago to take it easy. Kids these days..." But the words drone on and on as they float into one ear and out another, because Katsuki's sharp crimson glaze is focused on the very half-naked, very muscular, and very attractive Todoroki Shouto.

They lock eyes. Blue and gray meet red.

It is at that moment that Bakugou realizes that oh, he's so very gay.

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