Long distance

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August 2017

Roddy Pov

"You like my waist beads?" Dee said lifting her shirt

"Damn yea it looks good. What is it for tho?" I questioned

"It's a symbol for femininity but most people use it for weight loss or because they like how it looks. The colors I have stand for different things too like I know the blue one symbolizes peaceful energies" she said and I smirked

"I like it. I dead ass can't wait till you get back cause it been a rough month and a half" I told her

"I know I'll be back in 2 more weeks though but what you mean by rough month?" She questioned

"I'm on speaker?" I asked and she nodded her head yes.

"I can't find my headphones I think my cousin took them but it's cool" she said pulling her shirt down and she made her way to the door locking it.

"Say what you got to say" she said

"I miss you Dee" I told her truthfully

"I miss you too" she said smiling

"These 2 months going by so slow no cap but I've just been focused on getting my mixtape ready I got most of my songs ready I just got to get it mixed"

"That's wassup I hope you getting enough sleep tho cause you look tired"

"Cause it's 8:00am where you at and 3:00am here but I'd rather talk to you then sleep" I told her

"Aww Roddy" she  smiled

"Shut up" I laughed

"Come make me" she said as she bit  her lip

"Dee don't make me take a flight to Senegal cause I will" I said looking into the camera

"Just vibe" she laughed

"I'm all vibes fuck is you talking about" I said and before she could reply I heard knocking on the door.

"I'ma call you later love you bye" she said hanging up before I could even reply and I sighed. Our convos always went exactly like this we couldn't talk for more than 20 minutes without somebody interrupting us or her data cutting out. She made me download this stupid ass WhatsApp app just so we can barely talk. She called me at most twice a week and when I tried calling her she never answered. It made me feel some type of way because her people still ain't know nothing about me and I don't know if it was because I was Christian and her and her family was Muslim or if she was just scared of her strict parents but I made a mental note in my mind to have a conversation about that shit.

"Fuckkkk man I can't even sleep" I said out loud trying to get comfortable. I eventually fell asleep and woke up to the sound of my phone ringing

"Hey habibi (baby)" she said

"Heyy" I said in a  raspy voice

"I'm sorry did I wake you up?" She asked

"Yeah but it's cool" I told her

"Sorry for hanging up earlier me and my cousins went out shopping for clothes to wear to the beach today. Everybody's getting ready now so I thought I'd call you" she said taking off her clothes and I just stared at her naked body. I noticed that she was getting a bit thicker

"Roddy" she said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"What?" I questioned

"I said what are your plans for today" she said

"You getting thicker. Turn around for me real quick"  I said disregarding what she said

"I know I've been getting fat when I tell you we eat five times a day I meant it and my fat ass sit down and eat all day cause the food is so good" she said

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