3:their second encounter

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Aayat's pov:

Today is the Sunday and guess what? Rather than resting I again ended up awake whole night studying and making notes. And now my eyes are swollen and feel heavy and I might fall asleep any second now.

It's already Fajr time so I keep all my books on their place and than went to freshen up. I did the wudu and than I took my prayer mat and started praying.

Out of all the day, Fajr time is my favourite because this is the time when there is nothing but silence everywhere. That silence is soothing as we pray to our Allah and there is nothing that could disturb us. I can feel my prayers reaching to him and I know that he listens to our every single wish. I feel my breath echoing with my gratitude towards Allah. I hear my heart beating each time with the permission of Allah. I can sense his presence around me. I feel loved and safe. Despite of being alone at this time in my room I feel complete in the rememberance of Allah.

I raise my hands for making dua as I say in a slow voice,

"Ya Allah, ya raheem, the most merciful, keep your mercy on us forever. Ya Allah grant us with what is best for us for you are the all knowing and protect us from which we have danger.

Ya Allah the world has became a cruel place. And there is no denial that we, the humans are the one responsible for it. Ya Allah guide us to the righteous path and help us in returning back to the humanity. Ya Allah protect the innocent and guide the misled people.

Ya Allah bless the people with what they want and grant the Jannah to everyone that is not in this world anymore.

I am forever grateful to you for gracing me me such a wonderful family and friends ya allah.! Protect them from all the bad things and always grant them happiness.. ameen"

I completed my dua and than fold the prayer mat and keep it back to its place. I switch off the lights and covered myself with warm blanket as I laid down on the bed sleep taking over me.


"Aayat, wake up you sleepy head.. see everyone is waiting for you at the breakfast and here you are sleeping your life of!" Yelled my dear big brother, Umair Bhai.

I opened my eyes and squinted them as a sharp pain shot through my head I covered my eyes to adjust with the brightness and said,

"Bhai..stop screaming. My head is already aching."

I sat up on bed while I saw Bhai walking towards me and saying,

"Your face looks pale Aayat. Are you okay? Let me check."

He kept his hand on my forehead and than an expression of worry covered his face as he exclaimed,

"Aayat you have very high fever!"

"Oh" I managed to say but than he replied,

"What oh! I know you were again awake all the night. How many times did I say that you don't have to study all night. Specially when you don't have exams. This girl! Let me tell Aiza , she will give you the medicine."

"Sorry Bhai. But you know me, I have developed this habit to always study at night on weekends." I said to him as he was massaging my forehead.

"Yeah I know you are one weird and boring girl! Who spoils there weekends like that?" He earned a smack on his hand and he laughed.

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