boy with a star

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tell me, darling, of all the hardships you went through.

tell me about your sadness your pain, the things that have made you cry, the things that have made your heart empty from all of the plastered emotions, the front we all have to face, the mask we all ought to wear on our faces.

tell me, my beloved, of your deepest worries that are engraved into the bottom of your heart, tell me, because i love you, i would do anything for you and you know it more than anyone else in this entire universe; more than the stars, more than the moon, more than the clouds that open up the sky, more than your heart that has opened up to me.

tell me, so that you wouldn't compress all your feelings into one big beautiful mess of anger, frustration, anxiety. tell me so that i know. Tell me so that i could always be there for you regardless of any situation. Tell me, because i have always loved you.

tell me, my love, of the tears that you have shed which only your cheeks know of. Show me the weakest side of you so I can love you at your weakest. Allow me to listen to your cries that echo in your heart, allow me to listen to them with my very own ears as they echo around us as if only us two existed. Allow me to remember your tears that would remain lingering on my thumb as your shoulders shake.

there is nothing more resentful than bottling everything up. The weight of your emotions hold you down, the heaviest of chains they are, grasping you tight. They hold you, by the hands not allowing you to move. They hold you, by your ankles not allowing you to leave. They hold you, by the head, by the neck, so that you suffocate and suffocate and it pains you. It pains you so much, you cant breathe, you cant think of anything at all but death. You think of dying.

Tell me, my love, of your sufferings and your pain. Of the times you had to face such nightmares alone. Tell me, my love, for i know not to read the contents you hide from me deep inside your heart. Unleash what you hold beneath that beautiful mind, set free of the angry winds that violently blow in your heart. Give me the same pain that you hold, allow me to engrave them deep inside my bones, allow me to let it seep deep into my skin, allow me to let flow through my veins, allow me to breathe them with this air.

Allow me, my love, to know the unease you fight against. Allow me to fight with you, to hold back the inner demons that you hold so close to though they seep right through the gaps between your fingers. Allow me to embrace you the way you had found comfort in your demons because I promise you I'll never let you go, I promise I won't. So let me feel the warmth of your skin that emits from your hands. Let me feel my grip on both of your hands, so that I can tell myself that I love you. So that i can tell you that I have always loved you, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always,

and there will never be a period that comes after always, because I will always love you.

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