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Partly because of the reception to Cote, partly because I love him more than air... I started writing a companion story to 'Earthwitch' all about the Judge's live five years prior to the start of this story. It's a little different than this one, sometimes cozier, sometimes bloodier, but it's really just me being fun and silly and letting my hair down after a long day of epic adventures with Anele and Wenyanga. 

At the moment it's only available on Tapas, but it's free to read there. I'll drop the blurb and the link if you'd like to check it out! 

Cote is a happily retired warrior, spending his days running his bakery with his wife in a sleepy hamlet... until a beautiful and mysterious prince crashes through his front door.

Now Cote has to balance taking his daughter to her magic school exams, keeping his bakery afloat, and trying to work out why the Prince's soul is so damn attractive to him. Oh, and keep an abbey of ass-kicking nuns off his property. But mostly the Prince thing.

A polyamorous pansexual small-town fantasy adventure.


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