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Pen Your Pride

Childhood Bestfirends with Hollywoods Golden Boypart12

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Chapter 12  Copyright   All Rights Reserved

I kept my eyes locked on his.

I couldn’t help but marvel at how strong he was, his arms locked around my legs firmly. I could feel the heat from his body seep into me; through his top I was wearing and my jean clad legs wrapped around his waist, making my whole stomach erupt in butterflies. 

I only registered that we were now in my room when I heard the door of my room click closed.

The reality of this suddenly hit me. I was standing in my room, with my legs wrapped around my best friends waist, my fingers tangled in his hair and my lips dangerously close to his.

I could feel his hot breath brush against my face, tempting me.

I was also sooooo NOT having best friend approved thoughts.

And from the looks of Ari he wasn’t either.

A smile tugged on the corner of my lips as I ran my fingers through his hair, smoothing it back from his face. I felt myself getting lost in his eyes in a way I’d never let myself before, I’d never allowed myself to really look at how goddamn amazing Ari looked. I knew perfectly well this was because, combined with his looks and him being the only person in the whole world that I needed like air to breathe, somehow I had always known how incredibly easy it would be to fall for him.

Ari looked at me with serious eyes, smiling slightly in response before I felt his lips crash onto mine with an intensity that made my toes curl. I felt one hand trail up my back making me internally shiver and cup the back of my head, keeping my face close to his. Not that I was about to complain as his soft warm lips sent my whole stomach into a ball of butterflies and the feel of his tongue against mine made me want to melt in uncontrollable ways.

I felt my legs automatically lock tighter around his waist, pressing myself further against his muscled chest as I dug my fingers further into his hair as we kissed. I felt my fingers tug at his hair and he let out a low groan, his fingers gripping my thighs tighter causing a ripple of fizzing warmth to spread through me at the thought of all that strength.

I felt like his kisses could set me alight.

And this was just kissing.

I didn’t want to even think what else he could do to me…..

Too soon we had to break away for air, leaning our forehead against one another’s as we tried to regain our panting breath. As I looked at Ari’s I could see the lust in his crystal blue eyes and felt myself drawn to the seductive clenching of his jaw.

I opened my mouth to say something clever in between pants but all that came out was a breathy “ Wow”

Ari chuckled “ Your not to bad yourself” he whispered, his eyes burning into mine so intensely that I almost didn’t realise that he was slowly carrying me backwards towards my bed.

I tugged on his hair and feigned being shocked.

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