How Do They Neglect It? - II

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A sudden beeping startled Richard as he quickly sat up from his bed, head pounding. How long had he been asleep? He swiveled to stare at his clock, reading the numbers in an instant. '4:37' ... AM... 

He sighed. Why on earth did I get woken up THIS early?!

Slowly pulling himself out of bed, he wandered over to the button he'd switched on earlier to cancel all the cameras and any other feed that would view or record him off. A blue light flashed at him, the beeping once more resuming.

Face crinkling into a frown, he lifted the device, opening up a separate compartment and staring at a small screen. The small words that flashed there, changed his relaxed expression, morphing into a pale and worried complexion.

"No... nonononono... Dang!" 

He flipped the screen closed, rushing over to the desk with a mirror he had previously used to check himself. Brushing sleep from his eyes and washing his face with water, he opened the container beside him, took out the brown contact and placed it over his right, blue iris. Brushing fingers through his hair, he swept to the shower placing a liquid in his hair that blended his brown roots into the died red, creating a natural look. 

"Only temporary, but it'll do."

Rushing out, he grabbed his glasses, placing them beside a bed. Quickly taking off his shirt, he threw it beside him, replacing it with another pajama-like shirt. Then, taking off his pants, he replaced those for a similar item of clothing. With haste, he folded the 'brushed-aside' clothes, gently placing them on the floor beside his bed. 

The device beeped again, speeding up.

"Hurry, hurry, hurry up! Comeoncomeoncomeon!"

Messing up his hair whilst running to his bed, flicking back the covers and crawling in, he called out, "Hermes, hide!"

The beeping stopped, clicks echoing around the room. After a second, a single, high-pitched beep came from around the room and all the cameras went back online. 

A loud banging erupted, voices accompanying, "This is a check! Please open this door or we will beat it down!"

Richard opened his eyes, rubbing them tiredly before rising from his bed and walking to the door. "Okay, okay... I'm coming, please don't destroy my door." He paused, turning back to his bed. "Can I get changed? I'm in my pajamas."

The voice called out once more, annoyed. "No, we don't care what you look like - open the door!"

He sighed, "Alright, alright. Jeez..."

Unlocking the door, he opened it and stared at the soldiers outside. Bored, calculating eyes wandering, he noticed a girl with the five men. His brows furrowed and he pointed at her. "Is it really the best idea to bring a girl with a whole heap of guys into a guy's room?"

The woman walked forward. "You have no need to concern yourself with that." Indicating for him to step outside, she continued, "Please step outside, Richard. I have a few questions to ask you whilst my comrades search your room. Don't be concerned, this is just a routine check - everyone in this block is being checked today."

Richard groaned, "Did you have to come at four in the morning though?"

The lady checked her watch. "It's four forty-one actually."

He sighed, "Whatever." Turning to the other men, he scowled, "Please don't mess up my clothes and books though - I neatened them yesterday."

The lady raised an eyebrow. "You seem calm. Usually the people we check are quite frantic."

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