Hunting Shadows (Chapter 3)

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Chapter 3:

"Your parents are dead Blaire. Let them go."

I screamed as I jolted out of the nightmare. Long dark strands of hair stuck to my face. I hastily looked around an unfamiliar room. Events of yesterday came rushing back to me. Making my heartbeat slow down a little.

I felt around in the dark for my alarm clock. The blue numbers read: 3:01 AM I sighed as I fell back against my pillows. I hated those dreams so much. For the past two years they came to me every night, or when I fell asleep. I dreaded night time, no matter how far away I was the nightmares always came back to haunt me.

I closed my eyes once again. The nightmares didn't come this time.

When I woke up the second time light streamed through my window. I quickly covered my eyes. Regretting opening them in the first place. When my eyes finally adjusted to the scorching light I got up and walked into my bathroom.

The bathroom was a fairly good size. It had a decent shower and a hottub, a counter that was big enough so that four girls could get ready in front of it. That's counting all the makeup they wore. And a door which led to the toilet.

I stepped into a steamy hot shower. Letting the water run down my body was soothing. After what felt like an hour I got out. The bathroom as well as the mirror was fogged up. I didn't mind as I got dressed, not bothering to put on my makeup.

I then walked into the small living room. There was a plasma screen T.V in here as well. I was too tired last night to notice that one of the adults must have brought my stuff up. Everything from my old goth room was sitting in a box on floor. They didn't put any furniture in this room. Which I questioned, why would they have a T.V. in here and expect me to sit on the floor to watch it?

Guess the school wasent as rich as I thought it was.

I carried the heavy box to my room  unloading the gothic decorations onto my bed. I had brought my black Halloween lights, which I was happy to see hadn't broken on the way up here. I strung them around my room, having enough lites to even add them to the living room.

I unloaded my laptop and music player. Happy I had enough room in the box to bring them here. I added wall decorations as well. After an hours worth of decorating I sat on my bed feeling at home.

I looked at the clock that was sitting next to my bed. 12:00 PM. It suddenly dawned on me that I had seven hours until school started. I found myself hating the school's nocturnal schedule. What was up with that? I was starting to get annoyed with the school all over again; rich or not.

A soft knock interupted my thoughts. I sat there unmoving, I hadent expected any visitors. Especially if this school was on nocturnal schedual. Every one should be asleep.

The knock came again, only louder this time. I stood up and walked out of my room and towards the door. I looked through the peephole, there was a girl standing there, she was about my age. She had brown hair and what looked to be golden eyes.

I opened up the door enough to stick my head through. "Uhm hi?"

The girl gave me a huge smile that probably made all the guys swoon. "Hey I'm Airlia Ackerman. I was sent by the front desk lady to tell you that she has your new class schedule."

I nodded. "Sure but I need to uhm.." I pointed to my face. Airlia laughed. I didn't trust her but I didn't want to be rude either. "Would you like to come in?" I was hoping she would say no. And I could feel disappointment tighten in my chest when she nodded.

She walked in observing my gothic room, I was surprised that she didn't say anything about my taste in decorations. I liked her for that. I left her to walk into the bathroom. After I was done I took a good look in the mirror. My skin was naturally pale so I didn't need to add the pale makeup that gothic makeup required. My eyes were heavy in eyeliner making my once green but now brown, due to contacts, eyes pop out. I chose black lipstick today, making me that much more paler.

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