Chapter 11: Delay, Plead and Hope

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Peter awoke next to Layla in his bed, her beautiful bare body pressed against his. At first he was confused, was he dreaming?

Then the previous day came back to him.

As his head swam with thoughts of the previous day’s events, Peter stood and pulled his clothes on. Before leaving the room he pressed one light kiss on Layla’s head. Whether it was in paper or not, she would always be his Queen.

Peter didn’t know where he was going; his feet just sort of led him around until he found himself stopped in the Stone Table Room. He sat down before the stone table, staring at the picture of Aslan.

Aslan had helped Peter when he didn’t know how anything worked, back when he first became King, and Peter figured maybe being near him now would help him sort out his thoughts.

Soon enough he was joined by Lucy, who sat down beside him.

“You’re lucky, you know.” He told her still gazing upon the carving on the wall. She turned to him.

“What do you mean?” She questioned with an eyebrow raised. Peter looked down, the sadness evident in his eyes.


Layla had felt Peter’s soft lips press upon her head, and smiled before rolling around to look at him, only to find he wasn’t there anymore. With a frown she got up and pulled her dress on before following him out the door and, upon hearing footsteps, down the hallways. She eventually caught up to him in the Stone Table Room, and smiled sadly at him as he gazed upon the great lion on the wall.

Lucy placed a hand on her arm and gave her a small smile before entering the room and approaching her brother. Layla watched as Lucy sat and Peter struck up a conversation with her. She could hear the sadness in his voice, the confusion, and she could almost see smoke coming out of his head, whether from him actually thinking too hard and her abilities or just from knowing him.

“You’re lucky, you know.”

“What do you mean?”

“To have seen him.” Layla knew what he was talking about. He missed Aslan. He had told her the previous day that Aslan had been an advisor of sorts during his rule, she had been as well, but there had been some things that he felt were more of an Aslan thing. She saw past it though, she knew he saw Aslan as more of a father, and she knew how it felt to have a family member missing. “I wish he’d just given me some sort of proof.” She could hear the words he wasn’t saying, ‘-something to let me know he’s out there.’ It was then that Edmund approached, smiling at Layla as he passed her, but not letting it reach his eyes.

Something was wrong.

“Maybe we’re the ones who need to prove ourselves to him.” Lucy replied with a sad smile as Edmund approached the pair.

“Pete.” Edmund said to get his brothers attention. Layla had followed him in, wondering what was going on. “You’d better come quickly.” He told him with a look on his face that had Layla scared to death.


They found themselves on the ledge outside the howe watching as an army marched onto the field. Layla held onto Peter’s arm, Carissa standing with Caspian and Yvainne when they arrived. The look between Peter and Caspian told Layla that this was what they had been waiting for since they had gotten back. Under her breath, subconsciously, Layla began to mutter a protection spell. Peter heard her and looked at her in wonder. It wasn’t the right time, and he knew that, but he still was in awe at how powerful his love was; he could feel the spell taking effect.

And so could Yvainne apparently, who grabbed her sisters hand to get her attention, before shaking her head no, silently telling her that it wasn’t going to do anything. Layla looked at her confused, not realizing what she had been doing, but Yvainne just chuckled slightly dropping Layla’s hand since she had accomplished what she had been trying to do.

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