Mania {Muichiro Tokito}

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✦ Fluff, no manga spoilers, yandere!Muichiro x reader

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Fluff, no manga spoilers, yandere!Muichiro x reader.

Greek types of love series》 VIII

Mania (noun); obsessive or possessive love, jealous and extreme. A person in love this way is likely to do something crazy or silly, such as stalking.


It was impossible. Muichiro wasn't the type of person who fell in love with girls that can barely pronounce two words without stuttering. Well, he wasn't the type to fall in love at all. Much less would he notice someone's trying to get his attention.

You were too tangled between the 'what if's' to speak with him, the words would never leave you if you tried to confess your love to him. And even so, there was no proof he liked you back.

"He doesn't know my name..."

"Is he looking at me or at nothing at all?"

"Does he know I exist?"

Worse of it was that you were going crazy thinking about him, your mind was clouded by a mist impossible to escape from. You loved him so much you couldn't breathe properly if you weren't around him.

Soon enough, your prays were answered when Ubuyashiki informed Muichiro he had a mission with you. Out of all of the Hinoe, it was you. The mission was fairly easy, he didn't say a word in the entire thing, and observed you do your work.

In the time you had spent together, he analyzed every aspect of your submissive personality. 

A bunny; small, cute, innocent. A prey, a target, a piece of paper that can easily rip.

When you returned from the mission, you saw a wisteria house not far from where you were walking.

"T-Tokito-sama..." you called, in a frail voice almost inaudible. "can we... can we please stay in there tonight? W-We haven't been having a lot of sleep lately."

It took you all your courage to say that. You really wanted him to get some rest despite knowing that being a pillar he had more stamina than you and could last days without getting proper rest. He nodded at your request, shifting the direction he was heading.

Your cheeks flushed a bright red. The old lady running the place informed you that there wasn't more than one room available. She was kind enough to prepare the room for two.

Alone with Muichiro, at night, no demon to kill. You'd been daydreaming about that for a long time. The difference was that in your dreams, you had enough confidence to speak up.

Getting out of the shower, with only a towel covering your figure and another drying your hair, you noticed Muichiro staring blankly at you. His gaze was insistent, as of he were examining every inch of your body.

You freaked out, wrapping your arms around your poorly covered chest. He stood up from his futon, getting closer to you.

"I love you" he said with a bluntness that left you more confused than excited to have him say such intimate words to you.

Who suddenly confesses like that?

He kept closing the distance between the too of you, your shy self giving steps back until having hitting a wall. You were trapped, he was so close you could hear his breathing.


"I love you. Can't you see how much you've damaged me? I can't stare at the clouds and not have my mind flooded with you."

You couldn't believe what was happening. Your whole world was having an earthquake without you noticing any of it. Emotions that you had never felt before came rushing in as you desperately tried to behave normally, strawberry colored cheeks and everything. He cupped them, smiling a bit, maybe because he thought you were the cutest person in the world. Without hesitation, he connected your lips.

That's how it began.

"You can at least pretend to love me."

You frowned. It wasn't the first time he said something like that, trying to make you feel bad for wanting to go on a mission without him. You would always agreed to what he asked, mainly because of how submissive you acted at the beginning of the relationship. Of course, he was the person you loved, the guy you thought would never lay his eyes on you. But after months of being with him, he became more and more possessive on you. He was with you at all times, kissed you in public no matter how many times you told him you didn't feel comfortable with that, and if you dared to smile at someone, there was consequences.

"I-I love you, Muichiro! But I... I don't want to stay at home all day and wait for you to finally do missions. I-I'm my own person!" you yelled at him, ajusting your sword in your belt to be ready to go.

"If you loved me, you wouldn't be doing any of this. You wouldn't be so eager to leave my side."

His figure was intimidating you. His emotionless stare remained, but you well knew that behind it, he was raging.

"I-I'm going!" you shouted, hurrying to open the door and get out of that suffocating situation.

Before you could run away, his hand was quick to take your wrists, pulling you towards him. His hold on you was aggressive, your wrist ached more each second that passed, so much that you feared he would break it. A few tears left your eyes at the pain.

"Please, (Name). If you leave me, I’ll die!"

His expression became one of heavy worry, all his features softened except for his brow and the hand that was crushing your bones.

"Stop it! P-Please, it hurts!"

He didn't respond, didn't budge*, while you desperately attempted to take his hand off you. You were much weaker and small than him, like a little bunny in comparison. The pain was rushing through your body like an igniting fire, you'd never thought that just his hold would be so strong. No matter how much you cried, how much you pleaded, he stayed still.


He put more pressure on his hold, making you feel like cutting off your hand to stop the pain. All your fighting spirit started to vanish, the pain being too much to handle. 

"Please! I'll stay but please let me go!"

His hold loosened, his eyes traveled to the bright red mark on your wrist caused by him. He caressed the bruise, then surrounded you with his arms.

"I'm sorry... I just don't want you to leave me"

Tears kept falling, the bruise kept aching, your mind kept going back to the moments he did similar things to you. And even so, you let yourself be hugged by him.

"I will never leave you, Muichiro"


Author's note: So this is the last one! I had some difficulties trying to upload sooner, but well, whatever.

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