Chapter 21

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"You're just jealous." Katherine Spits. "You're jealous that Vincenzo loves me and not you." She continues. I smile the smile on my face is so sweet that it can cause a dentist a lot of work. "He loves you?" I say in a condescending baby voice. "How cute he loves you. There's just one little thing....he loves you so much then why is he not only sitting beside me holding my hand is if his life depended on it? Why was he in my bed last night?..... Oh don't forget the fact that he also asked for my grandfather's approval to be with know because he loves you so very much." I explained.

"You're lying he's not in your bed last night he wouldn't dare he loves me." She explains. "You know Katherine drugs are not good for the baby you really should stop ingesting them.... Either that or you're mentally unstable but you know hey.... I'm going to go with a mixture of both when it comes to you." I say to her.

"Athena quit spreading lies." My stepmother tries to correct me. "Lies..
..I'm sorry you must be mistaking me for Katherine because I don't lie at all.... What part don't you believe? The fact that she's mentally unstable or the fact that she probably does drugs or she's mental.....I mean look at her and you can pretty much guess both. Or is it the fact that you guys don't think that Vincenzo was speaking to my grandfather about me because you could just ask either one of them....Or is the fact that you don't believe he was in my bed last night because.... the truth is he was in my bed... on my floor ....on my couch .....on the table... in the shower... in the tub... did I miss anything....oh yes...the counter.... I think that was it but you know how after so many times you get a little tired and your head gets a little dizzy from all the overexertion.... But again you can just ask him if you don't believe me." I say smiling as I am now eating my soup.

"He wouldn't touch you not over me." Katherine says. "That's funny because he's touching me right now." I say holding his hand up in mine. "That's probably because you forced him." She said. "Yes that's exactly it me who's 5'0" nothing and 130 lb and forcing him who's 6'4"  220 of pure muscle totally makes sense to me." I say to no one in particular. "You know I have another way to show that he's all about me and not the other way around.... I'm not trying to chase after him or forced him to be with me. He's the one doing it to me." I explained.

"I could just have my grandfather and my dad leave because you know that would be weird. The rest you can stay. I'm fine with that and he could just flop me up on this table and go to town in front of everybody. The only thing I ask is to let me finish my meal first because I am starving and can somebody please bring me a chocolate peanut butter milkshake.... I would love you to the end of time." Explain looking around.

"There's no need for that." Vincenzo speaks. "Oh there's a dire need for a chocolate peanut butter milkshake... like I will slice a throat to get that right now ...don't tell me there's no need." I stay raising my voice in anger. He just laughed at me. "You're so cute when you're trying to be deadly. Someone please make her up peanut butter and chocolate milkshake..... As for the no need for that statement it was in regard to having to claim you in front of everyone... Not that I would not mind and I will still do that if you like. The thing is there's no need to claim you again. You are mine! You are my wife. I am yours and only yours. I want no one else but you and you are to have no one else but me end of story." He explained "As for this child of yours Catherine.... You better hope it's not mine. For if it is mine...which we will get the results once the baby is born. I'm taking that child from you. You will not have a single second with my child for you are devious woman. I will not give you any compensation for this child so don't think you're trying to get money from me." He continued. "Athena and I will raise the child. Athena will be its mother not you. The only mother of my children will be Athena. If it's not my child then good you will leave and do what you wish with that child I have no responsibilities to it. I want to hear nothing more of you and I there is NO you and I. There is only Athena and I." Vincenzo's explains.

Katherine just looks at me as if she wants to kill me. My stepmother her mother also looks that way and I could care less honestly. Vincenzo's hand is rubbing my thigh slowly provoking my excitement. Well that is until someone brings out a milkshake and then I get as giddy as a child in a candy store and I lose all train of thought when it comes to sex. The only thing I could focus on is the milkshake in front of me. The hell with everybody else right now I'm in heaven I say as I take a drink.

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