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            "PICK ME UP! PICK ME UP! PICK ME UP!" Alice's brain was electrocuted to life by an annoying  weird noise from her sister's phone. Pie and Alice shared the same bedroom since Pie lost her sight. Drowsily she opened her left eye's and spotted for her sister, Pie. Pie already picked up the call. She tried to eavesdrop her sister's conversation but she failed to do so as Pie was in the toilet.

 When Pie returned to her bedside, Alice yawned and pretends like she just woke up from her sleep. "Owh, you've wake up Alice?" Pie turned her body to Alice.

"Yeah. Thanks to your annoying ringing tone for ruin my wonderful Saturday." Alice replied sarcastically.

 "Oww, wake up sleepy head. Don't be like hippopotamus!" Pie chuckled and hit her little sister with her pillow.

 "It's Saturday and you wake up this early. Where are you going sis?" Alice was so curious with her weird sister.

 "I'm going to meet my friend." Pie answered short and fixed her hair.

 "Friend? Boy or girl?" Alice be like a detective and walked around Pie.

 "It's none of your business nosy kid. Nah, just continue your sleep. I'm leaving." Pie said and make her way out of the bedroom. Kim has already waiting for her outside. Today, they gonna have their Satur-date!

"Don't forget to change your ringing tone. It might damage another person's hearing." Alice shouted from their bedroom.


Art Gallery

            "Are you sure that we'll gonna enter this Art Gallery Pie?" Kim asked Pie who seemed very excited when they reached the gallery.

"Yup Kim. Fern said there are painting exhibition from all around the world." Pie know that Kim don't want to look for the exhibition.

"Come! Guide me!" Pie dragged Kim to enter the gallery. They went to one painting to another painting. Kim never get tired of describing each and every painting to Pie when Pie asked about them.

"Kim, what is this painting?" Pie asked when they stopped at one corner.

"Oh, it's the greatest painting ever here. It's a seascape of Hawaii by A.D Saint Ontario. With the crystal clear sky, wonderful clouds above the horizon, soft sandy beach and exotic tropical trees. Blablabla.. I have one word for that, a 'dream place' " Kim described precisely to Pie. She turned her gaze to Pie and slowly she could see Pie curved her smile. Kim knew that Pie could imagine the painting. Pie hold Kim's arms and leaned her head to her shoulder. Kim stared her lover closely. Pie is just like other normal girl. She is pretty. Her facial feature were very soft yet her smile makes you feel warm and comfortable. When she doesn't hold her cane in her hands, her physical appearance doesn't depict that she had a visual impairment. Her eyes were bright and beautiful. It's just the eyes could no longer see the world.

 "Kim, lets go to the mall?" Kim was taken back to reality when Pie called her.


Shopping Mall

            "What we gonna do here Pie?" Kim asked when they enter the mall.

"Lets eat first. I'm hungry." Pie pouted her lips to Kim while rubbing her empty stomach. Pie's action made Kim giggled.

"Okay, lets have our lunch at your favourite food court." Pie clung her hands around Kim's arm and Kim guided Pie to their targeted place. Kim ordered a set of meal and also Pie's favourite drinks. They usually share their meal as Pie don't each that much.

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