Song One.

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Hello guys! So, I'm going to being changing this story A LOT. Some of the plot is going to stay the same, but most of it will end up changing. Anyways, this is set in a Human! AU where Sally is still with Gabe. Also there will be abuse and some pretty nasty words along with that, so if you're not comfortable with that, then you may not want to read this.
Seriously, strong language in here.

The diamond bracelet glittered against the window, just begging the boy to go into the small, vintage shop and snatch it away. Of course he couldn't do that, the owner didn't deserve to be robbed by a poor kid. Percy sighed, watching as his breath created a small cloud in front of him. He pulled his scarf over his nose and stuffed his shaking hands in his coat pockets, continuing to walk along the dirty sidewalk.

Mom doesn't deserve this.

He was the only one walking the streets today, the usually busy roads were abandoned and instead lone autumn leaves flew across the ground. His eyes were trained on his worn-down Converse. He was used to this path as he walked it often. It was the path to the tiny town that he lived in next to his dirty neighborhood. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and ran a hand through his jet black hair. A memory came back to him. His mom. When it was just the two of them, and they would dance in the living room together after they moved all the furniture. His mom had always loved dancing, but they couldn't do it anymore.

By the time Percy looked up, he was already home. He stared at the red wood door, beat up from being slammed against it too many times. He took a deep breath, trying to mentally prepare for what was coming next, but that never worked. After countless beating, you'd think by now he'd be used to it. There was no getting used to this.

He slowly opened the door, flinching when it creaked loudly. He heard shuffling and tried to hurry to the small set of stairs in the corner by the door. "Hey faggot, where 'ya been? You're late."

Percy winced and kept his hand on the wall. "I was looking for a present for my mom...." he said quietly. A hand grabbed his shoulder roughly and slammed him against the wall. The other hand grabbed his throat, almost cutting off his oxygen. Percy wheezed and tried to claw at the arm holding him up.

"You think that's a good enough excuse? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! God, you're such a dumbass...."

The hand on his throat tightened. Percy felt light headed and he felt his hand give out and drop to his side. He dropped his head to the ground, tightly closing his eyes. "I...I'm sorry..." he breathed out. Gabe grabbed his chin and forced him to look up. Percy could smell the cheap beer in his breath and held back from vomiting.

"I don't care why, but you will never be late again or that bitch you call your mom will get your beatings, you hear? Now go upstairs and clean yourself up and don't come back down, you don't need to eat."

He let he hand relax and Percy fell to the floor, instantly receiving a harsh kick to the stomach. Gabe walked away with swaying steps. Percy stayed on the floor for a few more minutes, thinking about life, about whether or not he should keep his or throw it away. But he couldn't just throw his life away, he wasn't cruel enough to leave his mom alone with the monster she was living with.

Sally Jackson. His mom's name was Sally Jackson and she was the sweetest person to ever walk the earth. Percy had never met someone kinder than his mom. Every day she used to bring him blue candy from work, again when it was just the two of them. She tried to now, but sometimes Gabe would find it and throw it at her or stuff it all down Percy's throat so he would choke, but that was rare. Sally was skilled at hiding things from Gabe now, after being with him for so long.

Percy slowly got up off the floor, walking up the small flight of stairs and stumbling his room. He flopped onto the beat up mattress, face sinking into his pillow. "Fuck you Gabe." He mumbled. He pulled up his backpack up from the creaking floor and pulled out his laptop.  Yes, you may be thinking that a laptop was a lot for a poor kid, but he stole it from the school. They never noticed anyways.

He glanced at the numbers on the corner of the screen. It's already 2am? He's probably gone by now. He pulled up his chatbox. His aquamarine eyes were glued the screen, hoping desperately for a message. See, Percy had a secret friend. GhostKing was an online friend,  who talked to him every night online. This 'friend' was his only release. They talked for hours, pouring their hearts out to each other.  Percy only wished he could meet this person in reality, but he doubted that would ever happen.

Instantly messages popped up. Percy let a small smile onto his face and began typing.

SeaPrince: Hey, I'm back.

GhostKing: Oh hey, anything new happen?

SeaPrince: No, just the same beatings. I saw a bracelet at the store today. I wish I could get it for my mom....

GhostKing: Sorry, not gonna happen, we both know that. Anyways...I have something important to tell you.

Percy inched closer to the screen, folding his arms under his chin and waiting for the other to finish typing.

GhostKing: I think....I  think I may be in love with you. I mean, you're just so perfect.  You stay so positive after so many horrible things. The first time you started chatting with me, I was about to commit suicide. But, you saved me, okay? Someone who does that must be special. So, I think I love you.

GhostKing signed off.

Percy stared at the screen, not even daring to blink. He grabbed the laptop and closed it, gently placing it on the floor next to his bed. What just happened?  A sudden love confession?  He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Percy flopped back onto the bed, looking up at the ceiling. The paint was peeling and you could tell that it had been broken before. He sighed, putting his hands on his chest. He leaned over the bed and flicked the switch on his small lamp, the room going to complete darkness.  He pulled his blankets over his shoulders and closed his eyes

I'll deal with this tomorrow.  I'm done with today,

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