(Qannen) not a great kidnapping so far

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Qannen wakes up. She opens her eyes, which, even just that is a whole thing. But she does it and her first thought is: Ew this room is gross. The bad gross not the fun gross. There's stuff on the walls, something greenish and blackish and wet and growing, maybe crawling across the walls. The floor is dirty in some places and muddy in other places and wet in even other places. Not a room that screams hygiene. Not a room that says Hey let's relax and have fun. And there's something misshapen about the room, the floor buckling in places, or maybe it's the chair she's sitting on, keeping her tilted at a slight angle, just enough to feel like she's slightly about to fall over. Which may explain the nauseousness.

Her next thought is: OK so where am I? She goes to look at her screen and finds her arms are tied? Behind her back? And maybe also tied to the chair??? And not only that but apparently her screen is not even in her hands??? She flexes her fingers, does a bunch of weird wrist motions, trying to figure out how to tell if a screen is or isn't in your hand if she can't see your hands with your eyes. It takes a few moments but she lands on: I am apparently not holding my screen.

Also the chair is ugly. Not Linultima. Not even from Target.

"Hiiii, fast forward please?" Qannen calls out but her voice is craggy, unused. "Ahem, hello," she says again, "Hello, hi, hello hello," testing out different ranges, really more for herself than her captors (?), until her voice comes back to normal. Anyways still no response.

She goes to look at her screen again and is again reminded that she is not holding it and also that she is tied to a chair.

"FUCK," she yells, the noise slapping back at her in the small space of the room. Even the lighting is not great. It emanates from one of the walls, which is embedded with translucent, glowing bricks. There's lights like this everywhere around the city, but the idea is that they're supposed to produce a gentle, skin-softening glow. Whatever these lights are they're not doing that. There's no mirror, so who knows for sure, but a person tends to have a sense when her normally glowing skin probably doesn't look dewy and effervescent.

Another wave of nausea. "Hellooo? I need my screen?" she yells. Impossible to say if anyone hears. "I don't feel good. I believe I am suffering from False Screen Awareness. It's a genuine affliction that has been covered on many thrilling episodes of MEDSKOOL."


"It's a real thing."


"The good news is it's easily treatable."


"I'm also very uncomfortable due to being tied to an ugly chair. I'm also." She looks down at her clothes. The same leggings & top from Absolutely_Not, boots from Vintage Loss that she had on..yesterday? Whenever? "I'm also hereby requesting access to my wardrobe."

It now occurs to her to wonder how she got here, what she was doing right before whatever this is began happening.

She was on her way somewhere. She was meeting her friend at a club. No. She was on her way to meet Raminashi at the club. To hook up with him and betray her sister, who deserved it, because she sucks. Qynka sucks. Everything is hazy but that is crystal. But did she really do that? No. She'd remember hooking up with Raminashi right? No. She got a message from Kessl8 the Maid. A detour. A favor. Something she needed? She can't think what that would have been. But she met Kessl8 and there were some cute guys there. And then she woke up here. That's all she remembers. Wait, no, they killed a zonny? With some kind of weapon? Like what even. There was probably a whole story there but who cares. It's not interesting! She wants her screen and a fresh outfit from Lokadia and a photosympathetic smoothie from Kitchari Thyme, and to be lying down in her bed, in that order, the end.

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